This is mechelle's Blue Wedding!

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Clay Calla Lily and Rose Arrange 1 (3)
Clay Calla Lily and Rose Arrange 1 (3)
Cardinals flowers and Bouquets (2)
Red & White bouquet (3)
Purple & White Carnations (4)
Clay Calla Lily and Rose Arrange 1 (3)Cardinals flowers and Bouquets (2)Red & White bouquet (3)Purple & White Carnations (4)
Wedding Flowers
been busy
We have been very busy lately. We recently started our own business. We have been putting orders together for local football teams, and now brides in our area. Gordon and I were just featured in our local newspaper, WOW, was that scary, and we made the whole front page. We are now working in clay. The pic with the calla lily is just a bunch of flowers I put together yesterday, these took time, and the clay is not cheap. These flowers are just great though. The clay has a calla lily, rose, blue & purple hydrangeas, stephanotis & buds.

The red and white paper roses & carnations were for a football team's homecoming queens. The purple were for another team, they just wanted paper carnations, thank god, they wanted 55 flowers, and that was a lot of work.

We made our first sales to a neighbor of ours, and they were for a function he was attending. Now they will be sitting on the head table of a senator, and then auctioned off. We can't wait to hear the reviews on that, because we want to know what the baskets went for.

So what do you ladies think of the clay flowers so far? Any ideas as to other flowers you might want to see? Just let me know what you think. Thanks
Pomander with grass
Centerpiece top
PomanderPomander with grassCenterpiece top
Wedding Decoration
Pomander & Centerpiece
Here are 2 pics of the pomander, 1 without grass, 2 with grass. This is the start of my centerpiece tops, I am working on these, still not sure just what to do with them yet. Any ideas as to what to do? I think I need help on this one.

So what do you ladies think so far? We will be making a lot of these pomanders. There are tiny calla lilies in the pomanders.
Pomander Ball 1
Pomander Ball 1
Pomander ball 2
Pomander Ball 1Pomander ball 2
Wedding Decoration
Pomander ball
Here is a pomander ball I am working on. This is not finished yet, I just wanted to see what it looked like at this point. So what does everyone think? Any ideas or suggestions would be great.
Crystal tree 005
Crystal tree 001
Crystal tree 004
Crystal tree 005
Crystal tree 001Crystal tree 004Crystal tree 005
Wedding Decoration
Crystal tree
Here is the start of my crystal tree. This will be on a table that we are going to be making. The tree is going to be lit up with it's own spot lights from underneath. I will be adding more crystals, I only have 19 strands, about 696 crystals on it now, but I will be getting more. The tree is a Manzanita tree I had brought in from California. My tree is 4' 5" tall.

So what do you think so far?
Gazebo walk-way
Butterfly bush
Just some of the many lilies that are throughout the gardens.
The wedding facility
GazeboGazebo walk-waypathwayBlue Wedding Decoration Wedding siteBlue Wedding Decoration Wedding siteButterfly bushJust some of the many lilies that are throughout the gardens.Blue Wedding Decoration Wedding siteBlue Wedding Decoration Wedding siteThe wedding facility
Wedding Decoration
Wedding site
Here are some pictures of the gardens we will be holding the wedding in. There are 5 acres of gardens. This is a beautiful place with lots of photo ops. One nice thing about these gardens, they have the facilities for the wedding party to get ready in.

Any ideas on decorating the gazebo would be wonderful.
Michael Jackson Tribute Rose
Michael Jackson Tribute Rose
Michael Jackson Rose
Michael Jackson Tribute RoseMichael Jackson Rose
Wedding Flowers
Tribute Rose
Here is the tribute rose I did for Michael Jackson, it is black with pearl white tips. This rose took several days to do, but I think it came out great, the pictures do not do it justice.

So tell me what you think of this one.
Cobalt blue with silver.
Cobalt blue with silver.
Cobalt & silver
Cobalt blue with silver.Cobalt & silver
Wedding Flowers
Cobalt blue & silver
I just want to put this one up, angel2011 had said she wanted to see this flower, so here it is. hope you like it ladies.
Gordon & Mechelle
Gordon & Mechelle
It's our 8th anniversary
Spending the day together
We are celebrating our 8th anniversary together today. I can't believe it has been 8 years, it still seems like only yesterday that we said "I do".

Have a great day ladies.
My wedding rose.  Blue & Silver with pearl center.
My wedding rose. Blue & Silver with pearl center.
Blue & Silver with pearl center.
Light blue & sliver with pearls
My wedding rose.  Blue & Silver with pearl center.Blue & Silver with pearl center.Light blue & sliver with pearls
Wedding Flowers
My wedding rose
Here is the main rose of the wedding, my blue & silver with pearl center. I worked on this rose all day to get it just right for the wedding, and the colors matched perfect.

I would love feedback on this one.

If you go back over some of my earlier posts, you will see how I did these, and a link to Martha Stewart website for instructions.

Cobalt blue rose.
Cobalt blue rose.
View 2
We have been busy.
Cobalt blue rose.View 2We have been busy.
Wedding Flowers
Maids Rose
Here is the flower I will be giving to my maids at the reception. This will be one of the gifts we will give them.

Some feedback on this would be great.

Thanks ladies.

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My wedding will be, Blue, White and Silver, and a little bit of Pink. We are going for a garden slash A Mid Summers Nights Dream theme, with a little Marie Antoinette.
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