May 29, 2010

I have a question. Do you think it's rude to stand during the wedding ceremony as a guest? My fiance and I are getting married on the beach and are having a 20 minute ceremony. We're thinking about having everyone stand in a circle around us, but don't want to anger anyone by not providing chairs. What do you think? We plan to provide chairs right after for the cocktail hour, and plan to have chairs available for anyone who needs to sit during the ceremony.
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futuremrsflanagan's Chocolate wedding
Greenville, TX, USA
Let them know in advance or provide chairs so that they could sit around in a circle....esp for like grandmothers.
angb13's Green wedding
Port moody, BC, Canada
can they sit somewhere close by until it starts? It might be a 20 minute ceremony but if they are there 15 minutes early and then it starts 15 minutes late they will have been standing for 40 minutes.
Otherwise I think 20 minutes is totally reasonable - you'll be standing for 20 minutes!
Some other thoughts:
Is there alot of people? will they all be able to see?
How casual is it? Can they bring lawn chairs? beach blankets?
meganwhite5's Purple wedding
I think the idea of having some chairs set up beforehand is a great idea. I'm still not sure whether or not to do chairs during the ceremony, but my fiance loves the idea. I guess we'll see what happens closer to the wedding day.

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