Sep 12, 2010

When do you take the veil off? And what do you do during the ceremony? Do you keep the veil down over your face? I know with a traditional veil, you put the veil back behind your head, but how do you do it with a birdcage veil? I don't think you can really flip it up can you? Can it stay down over your face the entire time and when you walk back down the aisle? Mine just goes past my nose so it won't get in the way for our first kiss :)
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My veil :)
Black ATTN: All Birdcage Veil wearers! When do you take it off?
6yrs2kidsl8tr's Purple wedding
Mexico, MO, USA
Wear it throughout the ceremony, even during kiss, then after you take pics, take it off before you go into reception.
melissaepiphany's Black wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
perfect! thank you! i was hoping it would go that way. i didnt want to have to fool with it during the ceremony, lol
sonlove2010's Green wedding
Wesley chapel, FL, USA
Thats the beauty of the birdcage veil. During the ceremony, u dont have to touch it. Most fall well above your mouth, so it does not interfere when you kiss your groom. I am a birdcage wearing bride and plan on removing it mid way during photos (immediately after the ceremony). By the reception, it will be off and all I will have in my hair is the flower fascinator.
michellelynn's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
First off, WOW, you are going to look amazing on your wedding day!!  Like i just love the look of it all together!!  EEK, I can't wait to see it all together.  Personally, I think that you should wear the veil during the just adds so much to your friend that got married this past June had a birdcage veil and all she did for the reception was she moved it further back...if that makes that it wasnt in her eyes or in her way, but she was still wearing it.  Or, if it allows, you could just fold it back or under so that it isn't in your eyes...Just my opinion though :)
's  wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
awww thanks michelle! that's really sweet :) I'll have to try it out and see how i could fold it up or under or move it so its not in the way, we'll see! thanks for the suggestions! :)

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