Feb 7, 2010

So I went to a Bridal Show in Owen Sound and put my name in to a draw, not even really knowing what for!

It was with a company called Table Charm, and they sell cooking wear and stuff like that.

Well my fiance had a message for me to call this place and give them some registration code.

They told me that if we go to this 90 minute cooking registration, we automatically win free hotel accomodation in 17 places in the US and (I honestly can't remember where else, I was so excited) But THEN she told me, we can also choose this place called Viva Wundham, and we would win free hotel accomodation, food, drinks and entertainment, so pretty much all inclusive!

It's only 2 nights, but we would save obviously and stay an extra 2 or 3 nights.

I am FREAKING out.

The only down side? The demonstration is a few hours away, where we are getting married, and its this week so we won't make it.

BUT there is one in Toronto this Saturday, and we are hoping SO much we can get there (We don't have a car) and go to this demonstration and then we automatically win!

We also get entered in to 2 draws, $2000 gift certificate for gas, and $10, 000 shopping spree for China wear!

I'm freaking! Please wish us luck that we can make it to this darn demonstration!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's where we'd go!

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Viva Wyndham Bahamas!
chanelbride's White wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
How exciting! Congratulations! Good Luck!
futuremrslesage's Black wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
I actually got the same call but from a different company saying if i went to a demonstration i would get a free trip blah blah blah and i researched it and it turned out that these people were big scams..they were really forceful with there selling tacktics..from what i read you still get a trip but there is alot of limitations and you actually have to pay a certain amount...im not really sure but just a heads up to look into it a little...like i said this was a totally different company so you never know..but they did get my info from the bridal show i attented also...i guess these company pay the bridal show ppl to give them ppls info so they can contact ppl ...they tried to tell me i digned up for a free trip at the china sellers booth...when i looked into it i found out there wasnt even a booth set up for china at the bridal show...a little sketchy...(sorry for the long msg) lol..
melissaepiphany's Black wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
I know, I'm just scared its a scam, because she seemed hesitant to send us to Toronto and told us she'd call me back when there's one in Oshawa and she didn't know when that one would be, I don't knoww ! I'm being leery though lol
nidhal's Purple wedding
Culver city, CA, USA
Everyone "wins" These people give away short vacations, cookware, gift cards etc. and basically you have to be at the presentation. They usually do give you the trip (and NO you don't have to buy anything!!!) but they do require that you attend their sales workshop and they will try very hard to sell you their cookware, timeshare or whatever they are selling. It's not a bad deal. ..90 minutes of presentation and being harassed for another 45 and then you get your 2 nights at which point you will buy another 5 nights around it (for it to be a real vacay) so they wind up making you go to a place they have deals with.
bryanswife17's Red wedding
Joliet, IL, USA
i have gotten the same call if you google the co. online there is a good chance its a scam. you get a free hotel, but its not a resort. i hope it works out for you guys, but make sure you research it and not get ripped off.
melissaepiphany's Black wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
hey bryanswife, from Table Charm?!

ugh this is so disappointing. im about to delete this post :(
ricecake5's Green wedding
Waterloo, ON, Canada
Hey!! I got this phone call too after my first bridal show. You go to a cooking demo and they try to sell you 2000$ pots and pans. They are SUPER forceful.

You DO actually get your free hotel stay, but there are limitations, and you still have to pay some small fee, and to get yourself there... it's NOT WORTH IT. Besides... going to resort like places, the best deals include airfare.... having to pay airfare for two free nights is a complete ripoff. the flights alone will cost a FORTUNE.

I just don't want you to waste your time going to a cooking demo a few hours away for nothing.
alexxh's Chocolate wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
oh no!! look into it, i hope its not a scam but it really does sound too good to be true...if its a scam im crying for you... :( how can people be so disgustingly rude! ahhh!! love you soso much!
misscyn's Blue wedding
Woodstock, ON, Canada
My FH and Igot this call a few months ago,from table charm, we went, we bought their cookware, its crazy expensive, however it is great, (we love t) and they ended up give us two trips, one for coming to the show, a cruise for buying, But yes they don't cover air fare or anything,and we don't think its good enough to use as a honeymoon  ( we will use it later) but if you are in the market for good cookware with a good warranty by all means look into it. but if you are looking for a cheap honeymoon only, I would not say it is worth it.
princessd's Purple wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
they told me the same thing and when I went to one of their seminars the pots and pans were expensive and a couple of people I talked to after complained that when they went on the "Free Trip" they ended up paying alot of money at the resort.

So I googled "table charm" and omg i was shocked to see so many links about "table charm Scam"

I called the company back to ask them about it and to this day they never called me back lol

So there goes the free so called trip
foureyes's Blue wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
Same exact thing happened to me!!
They told me that they were a china company which honestly I didnt remember even talking to because I didnt need china so that was a red flag. Then they said I would get free crystal toasting flutes and all I had to do was show up at the seminar to claim them.
They then tried to set up a time to come to it but it was in Houston which is 5 hours away and I told them I wouldn't be able to make it so they said they would call me back when their meeting is set up here in Dallas this month.  
I also was told I won a trip but didnt include airfare. I thought it was sketchy from the get go but I was still going to give it a shot and at least get my free flutes. haha
I have never heard from them since that one call and that was in January.
speedy91289's Purple wedding
Long beach, CA, USA
I got the same call! They said the same thing to me. Mine was cookware & stuff....i made the appointment but didnt make it on time & im glad i didnt cuz it wasnt even worth it. Its a scam!

My FH & i got very excited over it but later we found out it was a scam....they're way of selling their products to you!

& my sister in law told us she got the same call as well but sh ecouldnt make it to the appointment. She found out it was a scam also! =/ sorry
princesstianawedding20's Blue wedding
New orleans, LA, USA
Please don't erase this post.
I got the same call, We would get free toasting glases blah,blah
I wanted to go but FH said no, So we didn't go.
's  wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
I was going to erase this but I guess I'll keep it. We didn't bother either. After looking in to it, it only covered like 2 nights and not even airfare or anything. So we are definitely not doing it!

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