Feb 14, 2009

So this is a mixed post.. lol.

I have decided on my wedding dress for sure! The one posted below.. My FMIL put the down payment on it for my Birthday gift : ) I LOVE it and I am so happy with it, don't get me wrong.. but I feel kind of emotional... not about the dress, but because the dress shopping experience is over now.. I honestly love my dress, please don't think that I don't.. but I almost miss the excitement of going out to try them on with my mom and MOH. It's like, once I made the final decision it was like that portion of the wedding planning is over and I feel a little sad! I have tried on like 26 dresses though lol. I only went out twice but I loved this dress and everyone knew I loved it.. I can't even believe I'm getting it! When I tried it on the first time I never thought it'd be the one because it was too expensive.. but I think I will feel better when I go home for Reading Week and can try the dress on again KNOWING this is MY dress.. this is the ONE.

Did anyone else feel like this? Did any of you miss trying on dresses again? I really hope this isn't a bad thing or a bad sign, I am overwhelmed that this is the one! I just feel emotional because I'll never have the experience again! But I told my fiance how I was feeling and he said "well you can't not get the dress you love just because you'll miss trying more on" lol but he's right. And I am SO lucky that it is on sale because I never would have imagined I could have gotten this dress!

How did you feel after getting your dress? Did anyone feel like me?

ps. I'm pretty sure it does not need one alteration :D It needed a loop fixed at the back for the tie up but that is all! I will know for sure when I put it on again though :)
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Black Wedding Dress Emotional..
Black Wedding Dress Emotional..
fifikiwi's Yellow wedding
Chesapeake, VA, USA
Oh no, I do NOT miss trying on dresses.  We went to 2 places and spent about an hour in the stores total before I found my dress.  It fit like a glove and only needs alterations in the shoulders where it's too baggy.  I felt relief after getting my dress.  I love it and it's exactly what I pictured in my head.
nataliepink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I can definitely relate!! I LOVED dress shopping so much..well I love shopping in general, but this was definitely the best part of the wedding planning.  I am totally in love with my dress, and cannot wait for it to come in! I HAD to make a decision and pick a dress though because my wedding is 7 months away, and all the dresses I tried on take 6 months to get in. If we were having a long engagement I probably would have waited to try on dresses and pick "the one," since I loved it so much, and my tastes have definitely changed over the years of looking at bridal mags haha
You look stunning in your dress btw!!!!! :)
melissaepiphany's Black wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
I'm glad you can relate Natalie! ahha I was starting to feel bad. I know I have a long way to go, but this is exactly what I wanted. I'm kind of surprised this is the style I would love.. but I really love the style and I think it is flattering on me. I have heard a lot of Brides say that though.. that you never get what you would expect!! ahah I am definitely in love with it though, and can't wait to put it on again :)
annebee's Chocolate wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I totally know how you feel. I got pretty tired of dress shopping after going back and forth about two for a while but now the thought that I won't go dress shopping again is sort of sad. I think it's natural, if you like shopping. If you don't then it's probably a relief to get it over with! But that's not my case.
Your dress looks gorgeous on you, congrats :) and how sweet of your MIL to put the downpayment on it for your b-day. Sounds like she's a catch too :)
nataliepink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Melissa, I totally agree with you on the style of dress...I would have never tried on my dress, but one of my bridesmaids and FMIL picked it out so I did and fell in LOVE!!
You look amazing in your dress, and it is super flattering on you! If you are happy that's all that matters...and your FMIL sounds like a sweetheart...what a nice bday present! I am so envious that you are going to have your dress soon, and be able to put it on again!! :)
vintagebabe's Green wedding
Clifton park, NY, USA
I tried on a couple dresses at davids bridal. hated them all. I ordered my dress and it came to my house 3 months later. that was much better. lol. to each his own! lol I do miss some of the wedding planning though
dextrad888's  wedding
Dongguan, Balkh, China
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jeremyandkayla's White wedding
Honolulu, HI, USA
don't know!!  i have 15 months to go according to the countdown on here, and i have barely even looked at dresses.  i'm putting it off til like maybe 7 months before the wedding and the very earliest i will go is at a year before the wedding, and only just to look.  i dont want to pick something, get sick of it, and end up buying another dress...  i have a good feeling i will feel like that though, i think its one of the biggest parts of getting married for a girl, whether you spend a lot or a little.  but on the other hand, on to bigger and better :)
's  wedding
I picked the same dress....on the same day!
Kyle, TX, USA
Hi! I'm just a random "googler" and came across your blog about your wedding dress and wanted to let you know that I too am going to be wearing the same dress. I ordered it the same day it seems that you bought yours! :)  I just picked mine up yesterday from Alfred Angelo.  I love it, I love the color too!  Totally untraditional and I really like that about the dress.  And you're right about probably not needing alterations.  Not with the tie up back, a real plus!

My wedding colors are earth tones, espresso brown, kiwi green and ivory.    

You look great in the dress!  Good luck with the rest of your planning.

bunchamnms's Blue wedding
Bixby, OK, USA
Oh goodness no! I went dress shopping and the first day we went to one store spent 4 hours trying on practically the whole store. Then to another for around 2 hours, etc. I was so tired plus I found my dress at the first store but my mom wanted to keep looking - so i humoured her but in the end she knew I found THE ONE! But I can see where your coming from. Good luck with the rest of the planning!

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