Wedding Dress
Nov 9, 2009

First Dress Shopping Outing

One of my housemates is also getting married, and she suggested that we go looking for dresses this weekend. I am really excited. Right now, I am sure I want something simple - definitely no frills or big skirts. I would love for the dress to be empire waist with simple designs or maybe thin lace all over.

We will see!
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Wedding Dress
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
Ponchatoula, LA, USA
Good luck!  It's so cool that you've got someone like that to go with!  Let us know if you find anything!
dextrad888's  wedding
Guan, Helmand, China
Simple but So beautiful!s

We have custom made several pcs for my client before.

we can custom made wedding/prom dress for you with completive ptice. Do not hesitate to contact us freely at any time.

Have a nice day!

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