Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress
First Dress Shopping Outing

One of my housemates is also getting married, and she suggested that we go looking for dresses this weekend. I am really excited. Right now, I am sure I want something simple - definitely no frills or big skirts. I would love for the dress to be empire waist with simple designs or maybe thin lace all over.

We will see!
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cherry268's Chocolate wedding
 |  Ponchatoula, LA, USA  |  11/09/2009  | 
Good luck!  It's so cool that you've got someone like that to go with!  Let us know if you find anything!
dextrad888's  wedding
 |  Guan, Helmand, China  |  11/11/2009  | 
Simple but So beautiful!s

We have custom made several pcs for my client before.

we can custom made wedding/prom dress for you with completive ptice. Do not hesitate to contact us freely at any time.

Have a nice day!

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I will be his Mrs in 28 days! I am loving how my gown is fitting. My last fitting went wonderfull...
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