Jul 9, 2010

So my mom called me earlier to tell me some bad news. A friend of the family got married about 3 years ago and was going to use the same flowers as I plan to use. She didn't end up using them because fer florist told her that they would turn brown by the end of reception. I plan on using hydrangeas. If anyone has ever heard that they die quick or loose color easily please let me know!

I always wanted hydrangeas and I will be sooooo upset if I cannot use them. The last thing I want is for my flowers to be brown by the end of the night!

Let me know ladies! Give me good news!
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tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
I did hear they tend to wilt a bit, but I'm sure your florist can helop you with this concern!
vineyardbride2010's Black wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I am using hydrangeas for my centerpieces as well, and they are great flowers to use, very full :)

The hydrangeas do wilt, but that's if you are using them as your bouquets. Because they require so much moisture they looove being in water so hydrangea bouquets do wilt. Hydrangea centerpieces are beautiful as long as they are in water not just cut and hovering over a vase...

Hope that helps, and good luck!! I say go for them :)
krys1913's Red wedding
Alexandria, LA, USA
Im using hydrangeas... and they wilt easily. So i chose silk ones instead. Much cheaper and just as pretty!
kristah's Green wedding
Bloomsbury, NJ, USA
If they are in water and not in direct sunlight they will be just fine.
In bouquets they do tend to wilt, because the last thing on a bride's mind on her wedding day is remembering to hydrate her flowers, lol.

My sister is a florist and uses hydrangeas for centerpieces regularly, I've never seen them wilt and brown, unless they were outside.
aug2410bride's Black wedding
Gresham, OR, USA
I went to a wedding today and she used blue hydrangeas and I looked at the MOH's bouquet and the ends had already started to turn brown and die 1 hour after the ceremony. The hydrangea's in the water bowls she used as centerpieces didn't turn brown though.
ileigha's Pink wedding
Murray bridge, Ordino, Australia
Some places sell really good quality silk hydrangeas
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Fontana, CA, USA
Oh no.. I didn't know this :(  I was using them in my bouts... :( might have to look for something else :(

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