Jun 22, 2008

I'm a pretty pale person and I want to add a little color before I get married. How often and how soon should I start. I'm getting married in less than 50 days. I want to look like myself but with a healthy glow. I've tried tanning before, but I got burned and never really stuck it out to see the all over nice tan.
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Aberdeen, SD, USA
Your best bet is probably to start now..start out at with just a few minutes at a time and slowing increase. That way if you do get alittle pink you will have time to heal and go back. Just ask the employees whereever you go what they suggest and if you get too hot just get out.  By the time your day rolls around you should have a nice glow.   Dont use lotion with bronzer in until you have a nice base tan because you'll look orange.  Just start out with whatever they suggest for beginners.  Good luck.. Hope this helps
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Chicago, IL, USA
I'm doing airbrush tanning.

Here is a website my friend and another bride created to help some of the brides on theknot. It gives you great info about pre and post application etc. Check out airbrush taning where you live.

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Lawton, OK, USA
If you do use a tanning bed Don't go in for the full 20 min for your first session... 5 minutes the most I would rotate it out. It might not seem like you're getting anything but after you do it for a while you'll see a difference... I normally go 3-4 times a week. depending on my schedule. In bed I'll lay down on my back for so many, do my sides and then lay on my front... I tried the stand up ones. but don't care for them...
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Hey! I'm in the same situation.  I'm buying my tanning package tomorrow (I have an awesome farmer's tan right now - so would not look good with my strapless dress).  I'm starting at like really low- I'm super pale - so probably 5 minutes in a low bulb bed.  In a week, I'll go up to 7 minutes, 2 weeks I'll be at 9 or 10. . and so on until I look not so much like a zombie. :)  Good luck.  

PS - I have used airbrush tanning before, and you have to be really careful because it can look really fake.  That's why I'm just going to lay in a bed this one time in my life and then avoid the sun/tanning beds forever more. . .
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Indianapolis, IN, USA
I used to work at a tanning salon and nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute if you want to tan. The problem is that when some people burn...they are burnt for days and then they peel all the tan away. It's pointless to only go a couple times right before. Like others have suggested start now and spread it out. Then depending how dark you want to look, go like every three days the last two weeks.

Some places or stores also sell a moisturizer to keep your tan longer...that's really a waste of $ if you ask me ....just find a really thick moisturizer (like Bath and Body Works body Cream) or something!  Good luck! :)
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Kitchener, ON, Canada
I just started tanning too.... i started about 1 1/2 months before my day... well i am 2 weeks in and i notice a difference.... but start with a low time(i started at 10mins but i rarely burn) and went up 2 mins each time....good luck..... its so relaxing....
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Toledo, OH, USA
Hey!  I work at a tanning salon so I can be of some help....I would start now.  Only go a couple times a week to get yourself started since you are fair skin and burn fairly easily.  Start with a low time, I would say 6 min if it's a 20 min bed or booth.  If you feel like you are too hot get out.  Also if you get pink at all stay at the same time for a couple sessions so you're skin gets used to the UV light.  It's better to take it slow because you are not going to get burnt as easily and your skin will get used to the UV light faster.  Make sure you are using a tanning lotion because if you don't, 60% of the UV rays bounce off your skin and eventually you will build up a tough layer of skin that the UV light cannot penetrate.  You can start with one that has a bronzer just make sure its a low bronzer, there is nothing wrong with using one without a bronzer as well.  If you are not getting enough color start to increase the number of times you go a week, so instead of 2 or 3 you can always go every other day.  Its not good to go every day because you will want to give you're skin a rest from the UV light.  That will help get you darker too.  If you have any other questions, please just let me know I can answer anything for ya and even suggest some good lotions.  Hope this helps!
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Edison, NJ, USA
50days seem enough. 1,2 hours a day? I guess it would work

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