Jun 17, 2009

So to contiue my truly blessed weekend all my bridesmaids made my life soo much easier! I wasn't going to pick a certain dress for all of them to wear because I wanted everyone to be comfortable and like what they were wearing. SO I picked a few different styles in my colors (OH BY THE WAY HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTY) and had them pick. To my surprise THEY ALL PICKED THE SAME DRESS!!!! I was so happy! They picked the dress because it was cute, comfortable, and it has POCKETS!!!! Go figure a dress with pockets! LOL! I love their dress and I'm very glad they like it too! They even picked a shoe! I love my girls! It surprised me because each have very different personalities and are very different in appearance so I was happy to see them come together just for me! I'm so blessed to have them in my wedding!

Oh and the colors are still purple but it's now purple (lapis at DB) and green (clover at DB) which works together perfectly. I had to give up the wild orchid because it was discontinued! But this combo is much better!
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This is the dress in clover
All my girls with their hands in their POCKETS!!
My maid of honor and bridesmaid they loved the dress so much they didn't want to take it off! My MOH is in Lapis
Their cute and DYEABLE shoe! They pick together! Very cute!
sbbride's Blue wedding
Santa barbara, CA, USA
Hey, we're using those dresses too! Except they'll be marine. I haven't seen my girls in them yet, but they all said they fit and look great.
's  wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I saw these in a magazine, who is the designer? My wedding dress has pockets too, so these would be perfect!
mibride080610's Purple wedding
Grand rapids, MI, USA
It's from David's Bridal

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