Mar 24, 2009

First, I love 1928 love love it! I was debating on whether I should by my bridal parties jewelry or not, and went on 1928's website and found a perfect set that was on sale for my bridal party. Plus found my jewelry and my daughters. I only ordered theirs but I will be ordering the rest soon! My bridal party gifts are almost done....only a few more things! Im super stoked about that!

1st picture-My bridesmaid set I bought for them!

2nd picture-Im changing half-way through my reception and I need black jewelry and I fell in love with this necklace.

3rd-The red earrings are what Im going to wear for my ceremony.

The 4th and 5th picture are possible earring choices for the reception dress. They would be worn with the necklace in the second picture. Dont know if I like the 4th or 5th pair though.
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Bridesmaid Jewelry
My necklace for the reception with my second dress!
Earring I will wear for the ceremony!
Possibe earrings for me for reception
Another pair for reception
amarthaler's  wedding
Can i get my hands on three of these and if so whats the price?  Thanks!

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