Oct 3, 2008

dang I just deleted my whole big long post =(

will edit this later


and here's the edit:

SO, what i was trying to say is that I was originally going to have white oriental lilies with blue Singapore orchids, but decided to go with Calla lilies for a much simpler and streamlined look in my bouquets.

The blue Singapore orchids are actually purple orchids dyed blue (I didn't know this when I picked them out), and my FSIL said she thought they were tacky, before I said that's what we're having, haha. She then tried to back-pedal saying they were nice, it was funny. Anyway I just love the colour, I don't care if they are dyed. So our colours are black and white, with dark purple and bright blue/aqua accents.

My bouquet: 2 or 3 medium sized white calla lilies with a stem of the Singapore orchids wrapped around the stems, with nice green leaves (see my bad Photoshop example in the pics, minus the vase), wrapped with black ribbon

Bridesmaids: One large white calla lily each, with green leaves wrapped with white ribbon

Grandmas: pin-on corsages of blue and white orchids

Flower girls: blue and white orchid ringlets for their heads

Ceremony: 8-10 large, tall glass vases with black pebbles in the bottom, with 2 white calla lilies, 2 stems of blue orchids and some green leaves. The idea is to have the vases tall enough that the flowers don't actually come out of the top. These will form the side of the aisle (as we're having the ceremony outside and there are shrubs on the other side of the aisle), and then be transported to our reception and put on each table as centres. Good way to save money, just need to find someone responsible to organise it for me on the day!
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photoshop example of blue singapore orchids entwined
elkratochwill's Red wedding
Saint paul, MN, USA
I'm sorry you deleted your blog, but the flowers are gorgeous!
mrsbaxter2be's Pink wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Those are beautiful! I have never seen those orchids before. They make an elegant combination.
jbrown10984's Orange wedding
Warren, AR, USA
Those are so pretty! I was looking for something just like that. This website is amazing!
's  wedding
Seaforth, Canillo, Australia
where did you get the dye blue singapore orchids?

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