Orca String Trio - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. very talented musicians. Great price. Hiring them was a must.

Dan Payne Photography - Got some fantastic posed shots! EVERY shot of the ceremony he took turned out!!! I didn't even notice him there! Photoshopped some shots for us and they look amazing. He's naturally funny too and had the guest laughing.

Love Sugar Cakes - DELICIOUS cake!!!!!! Rosanna is extrememly talented. One layer was moist (i usually find chocolate cake dry) chocolate cake with coconut filling AND the alternate was white chocolate with coconut filling. She took great care getting the cake to the venue in one piece and did a great job with the cake table set up.

Trinklets Creations - Despite going in to labour on my wedding day (ha!), Andrea got family members to get my chair covers to the venue and set up. THEY MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the look of the room. I set up the centerpieces in the morning when the covers weren't there. So i saw the room set up without the covers. when i entered after being married, i gasped. they brought the beauty of the room up to the level of a magazine shoot. just stunning! worth EVERY PENNY!

Just Beginning Flowers - Wholesale prices. It's a non-profit company working to teach women in recovery or just out of prison floristry skills. But there were quite a few drawbacks to using this company.
1)The flowers were not what i asked for. I asked for my bouquet to be monochromatic and in medium pinks. there was baby pink in it. the calla lilies were all in a straight line and not evenly distributed through out the bouquet. odd. but you couldn't tell in pics.
2) The centerpieces and my BM's fans had carnations in them!!! i specially said NO carnations. unless they are bunched together in a pomander, i find them tacky! i almost cried when i saw them. they got rave reviews by the older crowd. but it was NOT what i wanted.
3) they are only open Mon-Fri. my wedding was on a Sunday. I had to drive to Surrey and pick up the flowers on Friday. I worried for 2 days that they would end up wilted. They lasted for the most part....my bouquet had seen better days.
But with all this said. It is a REALLY good charity. I would use them again BECAUSE despite my flowers being not what i envisioned, i felt amazing knowing that our day was helping out someone less fortunate. and in the end that is more important.

Reverend Jordan Bateman - An amazing person to have marry us. He was naturally funny ( i hate when JOPs or Reverends try be a stand up comic at a wedding!!!), added the perfect amount of religion, spoke clearly and loud enough, didn't push any ideas on us, photographed well (haha).

University Golf Course - SUPERB. Joni was a pleasure to deal with. very professional, organized and quick to respond to my questions. the Garden and Gazebo was THE PERFECT location for the ceremony. only negative aspect was the Westpoint room was VERY HOT. so hot that i couldn't eat the meal sitting in front of me. Feedback from the guests tells me it tasted great though.
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We're getting married on Sunday!!! I just picked up my MOH at the airport this morning, my BM Maria and Alana arrived yesterday, my other BM Mikka arrives tonight. I've got a dinner to go to with Mike's Dad and Step mom tonight. Tomorrow, we pick up the flowers, go to the rehearsal and dinner. Saturday, we pick up the rental cars, me and my gals get manicures, go for dinner and sleep over at the hotel. And then BAM! it's Sunday and I'm getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish me luck!!!
You gals have been amazing to help me plan this wedding. I'd be lost without you! Your creativity, support, sharing and advice really was a great pleasure to experience!
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Our finished favours!!! mmmmmm...M&Ms
more DIYs....well....i tied ribbon on to them!
Silk Parasols for my 95 year old Grandma, my Mom and my FMIL
Sandalwood fans
got these in Chinatown for $3.99 and $0.99 respectively.
my heart is pounding from excitement. AHHHHHHH!!!!
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Pink SIX DAYS left!!!! holy matrimony, Batman!
Pink SIX DAYS left!!!! holy matrimony, Batman!
Pink SIX DAYS left!!!! holy matrimony, Batman!
Pink SIX DAYS left!!!! holy matrimony, Batman!
Pink SIX DAYS left!!!! holy matrimony, Batman!
They are made of styrofoam! Super inexpensive ($1.50 each). Got them at Michaels. I painted them gold and glued on rhinestones. I plan on putting them on the cake table with the paper roses i made.
I FINSIHED the paper rose pomanders!!! All eight of them. it took 14 hours in total to make 8 of them and 35 roses for the cake table. Phew! I've got battlescars to remember those fun times! ( i burnt 3 of my fingers...and they blistered! be careful with boiling hot glue from a glue gun!!!)
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Pink I'm so exhausted!  Only 10 days left!!! Here's my latest DIY!
Pink I'm so exhausted!  Only 10 days left!!! Here's my latest DIY!
I've been wanting flower balls to go with the tulle that i'm decorate the outdoor bridge and gazebo with. Problem is...we can't afford real flowers for this and I am not a fan of silk flowers. So, it came to me! Use the paper flowers I made to go on the cake table for the balls as well! I got a great deal on the styrofoam balls....$1 each. at Michael's they were $6 each! crazy!
What do you think? Martha Stewarty or homemade?
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Kerkis Greek Taverna

cold appetizers
Tzatziki – yogurt, cucumber, garlic dip
Homous – chick pea & garlic dip
Taramosalata – red caviar dip
Melitzanosalata – eggplant dip
Feta & olives
dinner options
Chicken Souvlakia or
Roast Lamb
Dinners are served with Greek salad, roast potatoes, rice and vegetables.
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For the...
The Groomsmen
The Parents
The Flower Girl
The Bridesmaids!
(the Ring Bearer's gift was waaaay too big to wrap!)
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Pink The prezzies are wrapped and ready to go! pretty, pretty, pretty!
Pink The prezzies are wrapped and ready to go! pretty, pretty, pretty!
Pink The prezzies are wrapped and ready to go! pretty, pretty, pretty!
It's a much needed handbag for the wedding day! It fits the Victorian theme much better than the royal blue clutch that I was thinking of using. Everything I know about fashion, I learnt off Alana and there was no way she was going to let me use the blue clutch. "Mel, it just doesn't go with your theme." lol. She bought it when we were in David's Bridal with my Mom and she was paying for her BM dress. She skillfully got my Mom to distract me. I had no idea. haha. those sly foxes! I love it!
Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!
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Pink Alana bought me a gift... right under my nose and I had no idea!
yup. I parked on the street while my makeup trial was being done. There was no parking allowed from 3pm to 6pm. I got back to my car at 3:09 and it was gone. The ticket says they towed it at 3:05.
My fault...i know. But it makes me wonder if they were just sitting there waiting for the clock to strike 3. It wasn't even a busy thorough fare. You'd think they'd make the main streets that move commuters out of the downtown core a priority.
Oh well...I'm out $110. OUCH. Thank goodness for Visa.
Good thing is...my makeup turned out pretty! My friend Meghan is going to apply it for me on the day! She's a pro and very talented. Yipeee!
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74 - YES
8 - NO
1 - ceremony but not reception
6 - said yes but I have no RSVP card back yet
13 - have yet to hear from
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