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May 31, 2009

Does anyone fantasize about singing to their hubby on their wedding day?

I DO!!!
My voice is so-so. So, I'm not sure it's such a good idea. FH has actually "rated" it a 4/10. lol. But for some reason I've always thought that singing to my hubby in front of our guests on our wedding day would be the ultimate "gift" to him. (Maybe I think this because it would be hard to do and make me feel vulnerable).
What do you girls think? Would you get some voice lessons and do it?
I'm thinking about it. I'd sing "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes. I'd have my talented BMs sing back up for me.
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tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
haha this would be really way I would EVER venture to sing in front of a crowd.  FH and I have Rockband and there is a microphone so you can sing along to the music---well let's just say whenever I sing (the one time) FH  couldn't keep a beat and told me he can't play while I am singing.  lol  If you think you can do it and it sounds pretty good then go for it---but if you have any doubts that it will sound horrible, then I don't think I would do it.  Oh and I don't think voice lessons will help me.....haha
sabrinav's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
lol this would be awesome...pretty sure in MY case though it would not go over well:S
light1882's Orange wedding
Lawrence, KS, USA
My FH is the one who doesn't sing well, but he's said on at least a few occasions that he's always wanted a girl to sing to him. We did karaoke once and I sang and he was thrilled. That song wasn't even for him. I'm thinking about singing to him at the reception right after the toasts.

If you do, no one will care how out sounds because they'll just think it's the sweetest thing ever.
magpiebride's Green wedding
Alexandria, VA, USA
DO IT! I say go for it. I'd put my singing voice between a 4 and a 6 as well. But I think if we decide on one song to sing, and practice practice practice... it could be great. You only live once. And even if you're not going to win American Idol, it'll still be great.
nevaeh's Black wedding
Brick, NJ, USA
I would love to do this! I play the guitar and have been for 15 years (I'm 29 by the way).  I would love to play and sing to him.  The only problem is I would most likely cry and not be able to get through it.

I love the Adam Sandler song..I wanna grow old with you..I think it's so cute. The lyrics would have to be changed for me to sing.
I sang it to him a few years ago when I was on my way home from his house.  He called me to tell me that the movie Wedding Singer was on and that he remembered me telling him how cute the song was.  So I started singing the song to him while I was driving (yes, a little dangerous) He loved it!!
ladyhannah's Blue wedding
Zettling, Sant julia de loria, Austria
haha.. I told my husband before the wedding he better prepare a song to play.  I told him he could do that instead of a toast even if he wanted, but people would expect it. I told him I, however, was definitely not singing. I play instruments and sing fine.. not exceptionally well, but good.  I think you just have to think about how it would make him feel.  Would it embarrass him or would he be really proud?  I would, however, have played and sang a song with him and we considered it, but I really didn't want to perform on my wedding day because I figured I'd be plenty nervous from everything else.  so think about that too.

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