Sep 28, 2009

So after much debating we've decided to do an evening wedding. Dessert reception. Woohoo!

This hasn't been an option cause Michael didn't wanna see me before I walked down the aisle. But after much debating, we decided to save time and money and do dessert and such(BTW what time is good to start I say 6:30, he says 7:00?? I think 7:00 would be starting a little late for older ones but that's just me) and get pictures done before.

To make this so that our first time seeing each other that day is special we're gonna have some time to talk before we go out and do any photos or anything and just have a moment.

So now I gots to figure out what kinda desserts to do. I'm thinking the obvious cake. Now I'm debating about cupcakes though. We may do the sheet cake idea. Cookies? Chocolates? What else though?

I'm starting a list:
Cream puffs (one of my favorites)
Ice Cream Sundae Bar (How complicated/expensive would this be?)
M&M's (obviously Michael&Melody duh!! lol....)
Red Vines (A Michael Favorite)

I'm getting excited too, on a side note only a month and half and my relationship will no longer be long distance!!!! FINALLY!!! Michael will be here!!!
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allaramayan's Blue wedding
Auckland, Greenwich, New zealand
lol, I had a little giggle at the scrabble cake- my FH and I are particularly competitive about Scrabble :).  

I don't really know what else to add- if you're having some candy then you could go all the way with a candy buffet?

aw, excited for you about the long distance thing too!

good luck,

honeybee's Purple wedding
Jackson, MS, USA
Don't forget brownies! That could also be used with the ice cream. I have seen some dessert bars with lemon squares, chocolate mousse, cookies, pralines, tarts, and a chocolate fountain.
mikeysgirl12908's White wedding
Lake oswego, OR, USA
oh yummy this is making me hungry lol....haha that's great about scrabble, that's our game too so yay!!! yeah i wish we could do a cake like that but idk that my FH would be for it he wanted something more classy than cutesy or sentimental lol i understand, i'm gonna see if i can weasel it in somewhere though

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