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mom and I
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casey and i checking out our gifts
me, mom and the soon to be in-laws
me and casey
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mom and Isome of the ladiesme and Casey's auntsmom, me , gmathe girlscasey and i checking out our giftsguestsguestsme, mom and the soon to be in-lawsguestsme and caseycasey's parents

Bridal Shower
Had the 1st one!!!

Well, had my first bridal shower on Saturday. I was a little nervous - just because it was for Casey's side of the family. And yeah, I've met a few of them - but he has such a big extended family I can't necessarily keep them all straight!

It all went good though. I can remember all his aunts now - as long as they wear the same things the next time I see them! ha

Got lots of good stuff! Haven't even brought it all home yet....but we'll get to that this week.

Out with the old and In with the new!!
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