pearl pink wedding dress
pearl pink wedding dress

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Update!!!!!!!!!!!!maybe it's me but I still can't seem to figure out this inspiration board thing together.

Ladies I need your help. I don't know how to do the inspiration boards.
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  10/16/2008  | 
Go to this website:

You register and then upload the pictures you want and it will create it for you. Save it and post on your wall. Hope thie helps you sweetie! Happy planning!
wifewag's Orange wedding
 |  Brentwood, CA, USA  |  10/16/2008  | 
There is a software program out there called "snag it" and it grabs any image on the web and you can do anything with it
soon2bsouza's Chocolate wedding
 |  Los angeles, CA, USA  |  01/07/2009  | 
thats a beautiful dress,can I ask for the designer,site where you found it,and style number please? thanks a bunch!
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