Oct 16, 2008

Cancer (me) & Pisces (FH)
why it works
Pisces and Cancer are highly compatible water signs. Together you can create a life of fantasy and romance. Since you often want the same things from life, you'll enjoy culture, art, music, travel and the good life with this well-chosen partner, savoring every moment together. With sensitive Pisces, you're free to be as sentimental and emotional as you want. Your girlie, gushy side comes out—you feel feminine and secure, just the way you like it. He showers you with romance, and he never leaves you wondering how much he adores you.

what you have to work on
Shy Cancer and mysterious Pisces can both be secretive, but too much of this can do damage. With your shared sensitivity, you can drown in an emotional morass, so be sure to have plenty of outside outlets for your feelings. Cancers like to keep a tight grip on reality, while Pisces is eager to escape it. The Pisces man is a little more reluctant to commit to things—he needs security and freedom, while you savor the predictable. His luxurious tastes will provide a fantasy life, but if his eager spending habits mean bills aren't paid, your thrifty side will take command.

how to make it last
In general, the Pisces man is a bit wilder than you are, and he has a shadow side that you may never understand. He can get snared in toxic behaviors if he's not careful. Avoidance is his co-pilot, so deal with things directly when they come up. Don't let resentments and concerns fester—speak up. You both want to keep the illusion of a perfect, safe life, but remember to live in reality. You may need to handle the money, or at least guard your savings, as he's prone to take financial risks that exceed your comfort level. Spend as much time by the water as you can, which is deeply healing for both of you.

your song
"Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips

I will be adding this song to my list
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