Jun 12, 2008

So Ladies I have to start by saying no I did not order my dress from ebay but I have 2 very close friends make the ebay china mistake...they dress came in and my goodness they were excuse my french SHIT........I know that they are brides out their that are buying from ebay and I just want to warn you to be careful....they dont make quality stuff...I have attached a website that shows some pretty good examples...I have to say though when my friends got their dresses they were even worse than these examples and the material was scratchy...YUCK


Like this shows they use desinger pictures but the dresses do not even stand up to what the designer picture looks like!!! Some of you may have bought your dresses on ebay from china and they were fine...I just know what my friends experienced and I wanted to warn all of you girl...............

Have any of you girls got dresses from ebay and they were just as beautiful as the picture??? Or are there any of you that have had problems with ebay like my friends did??? Just Copy and paste this code to your browser http://www.bridalonlinestore.com/Collection/ebay.asp
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Dress picture taken directly from EBAY
angelic1302's Black wedding
Lafayette, LA, USA
you are sooo right to warn people.  I ordered a dress for my mom for her mother of the bride dress.  First of all it didn't come in for like over a month.  Second, the dress was not the material stated.  Third, the dress was like $24.99 but the shipping and handling was like $30.00.  And you know what they did?  They gave an additional dress as a gift which was nice but  Don't give me wrong but  it wasn't our taste but the dress was well made but it was all just because the material that made the dress suck!  We had to throw it away, b/c i'm sure that no one would want to wear it and so people, please do not buy dresses via ebay from China!  I wasted like $50 bucks that could've gone on something else.
ameinred's Red wedding
Carmen, Campeche, Mexico
Thank you for the background tip!!!  =)
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I am such a contact person I would never think of ordering the most important drewss I will ever wear online.

I do however purchase all kinds of stuff online.

Good post buyers BEWARE!
misslexy03's Blue wedding
Buffalo grove, IL, USA
I agree Scheri I would never order a dress online since I have to try things on to be happy...but I do order plenty of other things online!!! On Ebay in fact...like I just ordered my disposable wedding camera....woo woo
chirawan's Blue wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
thanks for the warning. Do you mind if I repost this elsewhere? I think every bride on the planet should be warned!
misslexy03's Blue wedding
Buffalo grove, IL, USA
go for it post it so that everyone know what they are getting themselves into!!!
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Netbride and a few others are good places for buying online I know a few people who went to the store tried on the dress and then ordered it themselves online on netbride and saved hundreds of bucks.....

i'm not big on buying clothes online and have never done on ebay. my one rule of thumb also is that i never no matter what purchase things from overseas on ebay, not only shipping is expensive, there are A LOT of knock offs. I've purchased several very expensive bags (mostly vintage stuff) on ebay and only from people who have fabulous ratings. i also like to look at the "home" pictures of stuff because that is what they are sending you. if they can only provide "store" pictures and can't show me exactly what they are sending to me I wont get it from that seller

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