Jul 21, 2010

so i was working on my DIY pomanders with my wedding planner... who had brought with her some vases to show me for some extra decor items we purchased.

well we finished one pomander ball, and spray painted it and put it on top of the vase to dry..needless to say i had a vision come to my mind.. a horrible amazing gorgeous vision of completely NEW CENTERPIECES!!!

i have an appointment with my florist on tuesday to discuss cancelling our centrepieces with her and adding in some church decor!

i am absolutely in love with this new centrepiece idea and thrilled that we came up with this!!

my new centrepieces will cost me half of what the old ones are costing me!!!

the main pic is what the final centrepiece will look like, minus rose petals on the placemat which will be dyed as well.

the second pic is the exact color of the pomander balls.

the last pic is of the old centrepiece sample done by the florist

the vases are going to be 24" tall ($9.99 each, amazing company in toronto!! www.theultimateweddingproject.com

the crystals i purchased from Michaels (each pack contained anywhere from 500-700 crystals at $4 a pack.)

styrofoam balls ($1 each @ dollarama)

white roses (8 bunches per ball=$8)

claret color spray paint ($5.99 a can)

is this a good change or what ladies??
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ileigha's Pink wedding
Maitland, Ordino, Australia
they look good...well done
marilynsprotege's Black wedding
Lynchburg, VA, USA
very pretty
kittieswed's Purple wedding
Paterson, NJ, USA
this looks great i like it a lot better than the old one
rebeccaandkevin's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
They look great! I agree, a lot better then the old one and half the price?? BONUS!!

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