Front of my IVORY wedding dress.
Front of my IVORY wedding dress.
Back of my IVORY wedding dress.
My Dinner Rehearsal Dress.
Front of my IVORY wedding dress.Back of my IVORY wedding dress.My Dinner Rehearsal Dress.

Wedding Dress
Dress was ordered on 3/14/2009

So I ordered my dress on Saturday. The dress I'm getting is ivory though, NOT that plum color! Since my dress was wayyyyyy under my mom's budget, I was able to order my dinner rehearsal dress! It's actually a bridesmaid dress, but ever since I picked up my first bridal magazine and saw this dress, I knew I had to have it, no matter what the occasion was!! I have pictures of my dress on, but they are no longer on my camera - Didn't want the fiance to see!!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  03/19/2009  | 
Both are very pretty!
bornblessed's Chocolate wedding
 |  Spring, TX, USA  |  03/22/2009  | 
That dress is soooo cute! I would like to see the back! where did u get it? Is there a website I can look at it?
bornblessed's Chocolate wedding
 |  Spring, TX, USA  |  03/22/2009  | 
oops...just noticed I can see the back.... =) ...that dress is soooo gorgeous! Please let me know where u got it!
misstiff's Black wedding
 |  Des moines, IA, USA  |  03/23/2009  | 
I got it at Schaffers in West Des Moines, Iowa. But there website is http://www.scalausa.com/p-566-scala-7830.aspx
That will take you to the exact dress! It's so much prettier in person and the ivory has a lot more sparkle than the plum! it's a gorgeous dress!
weddingfun's Blue wedding
 |  Meadow lake, SK, Canada  |  03/25/2009  | 
That is such a hot dress!!!!!!!!!
aussinurse's White wedding
 |  Brisbane, La massana, Australia  |  03/26/2009  | 
that is so great!
under budget and sooo stunning!
wow =0)
poshbride's Blue wedding
 |  Newport news, VA, USA  |  04/28/2009  | 
Awesome dress! Love it...it's the perfect combo of
elegance and sexiness!
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