Dec 7, 2010

YES, even hair extensions can be done yourself. (Trust me, if there's a cheap way to do it, I'll find it).

They are human hair and in total cost me about $50..... I bought the hair from a beauty supply shop (not Sally, they are much cheaper at the other shops). 2 packs of hair, 2 different colors (so I could alternate them and get a highlight / lowlight look). I got the longest hair they had (20"), Cut the tracks into the perfect size pieces for my head, sewed in the clips and that's it! Super easy. I'm actually thinking about doing these for other people to make some extra money.... I can't believe people actually pay close to $200 for these at the stores. Not this girl!!

Sorry the pic is a cell phone pic and not the best quality. The other pic is to see what the length of my hair is without the extensions =)
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Blue DIY Wedding Hair Extensions
Blue DIY Wedding Hair Extensions
Blue DIY Wedding Hair Extensions
futuremrscalvillo's Red wedding
Aurora, CO, USA
They look great! I just went to downtown LA this past weekend and bought some extensions as well, but mine came with the clips all ready to go for $45.00 for two packs...not bad at all. They look  awesome!
daniellerenee85's Blue wedding
Columbus, IN, USA
Wow!! They look so great! Good job! I need to get extensions for my hair, my hair is really fine and to do the low updo bun thingy I want to do, I need thicker and longer hair... so that means extensions!

What beauty store did you go to and what exactly did you sew them onto?
finallytyingtheknot's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Wow! Great job! The colors are perfect!
misstrisha's Blue wedding
Brandon, FL, USA
They have random beauty supply shops all over the city here (Tampa).... I just compared prices til I found the cheapest hair.  
Wow Mrs. Calvillo that is cheap!!!  How many tracks came in 2 packs??  I think It takes like 7 or 8 pieces for my entire head......

Daniellerenee85- The hair comes on a track.  I just doubled them up (for thickness) and sewed little hair clips (bought at Sally's) to the track.  Then you clip it to your real hair.  I learned how to do it from You Tube videos.  Just watched a lot of videos and then took a little bit from each to come up with my own approach
mrsgap's Black wedding
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Beautiful!  I miss my extensions.  :(  I prefer to have them sewn on so I can use them all the time but the habit was a bit too expensive.  I am so tempted to go back to it though!
calan11's Purple wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
wow! Those look awesome! You can't even tell that they are extensions.
mibride080610's Purple wedding
Grand rapids, MI, USA
Good job!
maybride2011's Pink wedding
Columbus, OH, USA
It looks awesome! I'm trying to find some inexspensive hair extentions. The cheapest I found in my area was at Sally's.
misstrisha's Blue wedding
Brandon, FL, USA
If you are in a bigger city, you should be able to find inexpensive hair.  Sally's was definitely not the cheapest around here.  Make sure you get human hair... the synthetic stuff is shiny (like barbie hair) and can't be curled, dyed, etc. like the human hair.
maybride2011's Pink wedding
Columbus, OH, USA
Yeah I'm stuck in a small town... so Sally's is probably my best shot. But I'll keep looking around (:
kittyvenglish's Orange wedding
Chauvin, AB, Canada
You made yours!? KUDOS!
I bought mine second hand from a lady for 175 dollars. I LOVE EM. I bought em for my wedding but I use them ALOT NOW.
misstrisha's Blue wedding
yes I made them, and thanks  =)
I get a lot of use out of mine too.  even if I don't feel like taking the time to put them all in, i just put in a few pieces and put my hair in a ponytail.  Easy
seasidesmitten's Blue wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
Looks great! I'm also doing some extensions for my hair.  

I'm also a Floriday bride, in Orlando.  Getting married in Satellite Beach on 4/30/11.
chelsea11's Red wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
You did great! I have clip ins too! I love them!
danielwhite's  wedding
Jacksonville, FL, USA
I ordered some Remy hair extensions for myself from Ludis as they have the best quality and are made from human hair as well. It is also possible to manage these extensions very easily.

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