Apr 3, 2009

Okay, Im feeling a little happier than I was on my last post. So now that I have vented, Ill post some of my accomplishments this past week.

First off, We got our first registry gift! YAY! I was so excited and surprised when the Fed Ex guy delivered a package :) It was a blender I had put on our Target registry.

Secondly, All the invitations have been sent out. I LOVE going to the mail and getting the response cards back! So far, we are at 49 guests.

Jeff has decided what his design for our guitar (in lieu of signing a guestbook) will be. He is going to custom make it.

I received my veil, crinoline, and shoes in the mail last week. Love them all!

I have figured out what the groomsmen and Jeff will wear. Maintaining a dressy look, yet casual, Jeff will wear a black shirt, black jacket, and black pants. Groomsmen will wear burgundy shirt, black jacket, and black pants. Chase (ring bearer) will wear burgundy shirt, black pants, and dressy black vest. Im so relieved the guys clothes are all finalized. Best of all, all the men already have a basic black suit, so all we really need to do is buy them the shirts.

We have ordered our lights and gobos. We will have 10 dark red par cans illumintaing the walls around the venue. 4 different colored par cans on the stage. a scroll/ heart gobo design on the dancefloor, and a custom monogram gobo behind the cake buffet table.

I have finalized an exact list of every little thing left to buy for the wedding, and priced out all of my final things (furniture rental, etc). So now there will be no more frivolous spending on stuff I may or may not use. If its not on the list, Im not buying it.

Jeff told me today that he only has $40 left to pay on my ring, then it is all paid off. Wooohoo!

I am so excited, I have gotten soooo many compliments on my invitations! That was the wow factor I was hoping for... now I just hope the rest of the wedding "look" can live up to the invitation Haha!

Ordered a few more things from ebay... satin burgundy chair sashes, crystal garland for some of my centerpieces, a UK Wildcats garter (Jeff loves UK basketball and this will be my "something blue", music note bookmarks (decided to use these instead of candles as my favors... going to paint them gold, attach a burgundy beaded tassel to them, and put them in a black box

Bought 14 cases of various sodas for the bar

So-- this week has been full of ups and downs. Im on a rollercoaster!
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bride and bridesmaids jewelry
our rings
gobos- mongram will go behind cake table, scroll design will be on the dancefloor
UK Garter (and something blue)
Guys Suits... the burgundy shirt will go on groomsmen, the black shirt will be for groom
favors- going to paint them gold, put burgundy tassels on them
crystal garland for centerpieces
our first wedding gift!
bought the sashes of of ebay (Not the white chair covers of linens though)
Black 4/3 UPDATE
Black 4/3 UPDATE
Black 4/3 UPDATE
Black 4/3 UPDATE
goldmaroon's Chocolate wedding
Walnut creek, CA, USA
hi there, thanks again for your comment on my blog. i just loooveee your blog here, you have done so much great stuff and i gotta tell ya, this is like reading my own blog. my wedding is in june and im also having lots of nightmare!! I had one where there are no chairs in the reception, everybody has to sit on the floor to eat!! *horror.
anyway, you are like my angel ... we have almost the same color (mine is maroon and gold, hence my nickname) and i like swirly2 and music too. oh im soo jealous of your monogram, looks adorable!! i put your wedding as my favorite in here, i will keep checking any updates here. i am 100% sure your wedding is going to be oh so sweet, so awesome and wonderful!!
savillon's Pink wedding
Del valle, TX, USA
cute Blog!! Stay motivated!!!! you're nearly there!!!!!!!

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