So much has changed in my life since my last post! I've been thinking about my fellow WBC girls and I missed talking to you all! Some of you have even had your weddings already so congrats to all of you!

Where to begin?? Well one of my last posts was about considering not having a wedding at all (not any time soon at least or nothing big), and just buying a house instead...As luck would have it the economy finally started to effect us!

My FH lost his job towards the end of September while I was on maternity leave and it was all my fault!! I was really sick one day with a 24-hr stomach flu and called him to come home and help me with the baby. He told his boss, and took an hr and a half lunch, came back and they fired him!! He was in sales and was one of the top sales guys in the company, had been there 3+ years and won many awards and broke could they just let him go like that??

Needless to say I had to return to work to support us until he got a new job. Then in November I got a huge pay cut... 1/3 less what I'm used to making!! And for what reason? I missed a single phone call (I'm a Sr. Admin Assistant) can they do that? Not to mention they gave me a ton of new manager-level responsibilities!! We work(ed) for the same company...I'd love to find a new job, but nobody is hiring now, or at least not willing to pay me what I'm used to.

FH got a new job but he's making less then1/2 what he used to so we're in a real bad situation right now. We had to re-evaluate our spending habits. Somehow we're making it work. Oh and in the middle of all of this both of our cars broke down completely at the same time and our savings is gone!! :-) When it rains it pours right?

Things are starting to get better though...FH decided to go back to college so he starts next week and should be done next year so hopefully that will make things better for us. We were able to fix both cars and start saving again. He even took me to get a ring last weekend!! So the wedding is back on...I just still don't know to what extent.

I say go big or go home...but he says no way we still have to do something. A destination wedding to Mexico got nixed because FH says it's too dangerous with the Cartel’s. But Hawaii is still an option. I also love the Pasadena courthouse or San Francisco courthouse, they're both such beautiful buildings...I'm big on DIY so I'll bet you I can save a lot of money if I do everything myself. Stressful I'm sure, but here we go...
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Black Hello again! It's been 5mo!!
I got so caught up in the planning aspects that I never introduced FH or our son to you ladies...Our son was born 05/22/09 his name is David Alexander he was 7lbs 10oz and 19.5in! I think he looks just like his daddy and nothing like me lol but that's fine with me. We couldn't be happier! He's such a good baby he sleeps 9-10hrs every night and hardly ever cries! Alex and I met at work almost 3 years ago and I had such a crush on him I never had the courage to say anything to him when I'd see him around so my friends had to do the talking for me :-) I know this sounds super weird but I can remember my Junior year in class daydreaming and he's the exact man I pictured!! I'm so happy that I found the perfect man for me and we have a beautiful son together! He's the best father to my son I feel so blessed!
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Black Shame On Me!! Our Family...
Black Shame On Me!! Our Family...
Black Shame On Me!! Our Family...
david3 (2)
Black Shame On Me!! Our Family...
We decided to take a mini-vacay to San Francisco for Labor Day...I'm super excited! It's my best friend's b-day so it will be a nice surprise to her when we show up :-) her boyfriend helped us plan it...I just booked the trip and with the flights and 2 nghts in this hotel tax included it's $351.68!! Who could say no to that?? I haven't been anywhere since Christmas when I went to visit my family in Boston...we plan on just bar hopping, shopping and eating out :-) I'll post some pics when we get back!!
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With the economy in the situation it is in now, it makes a great opportunity for first time home owners to buy a home (that is if you still have a job)...we have a friend in the industry who told us we only need 3.5% down on a FHA loan now and our credit would be accepted (they're approving scores as low as 620-640!!) so we could get a $200,000-300,000 starter home here and be paying $1,700-2,000/mo including taxes which is about what we pay in rent each month...anyway the 3.5% down is about $7,000-10,000 which is about how much we were going to spend on the we're really contemplating just buying a house for now and just going to the courthouse for now and throw a reception later after tax season...We're so anxious to buy a house because we already have a baby and right now seems so perfect to buy! To top off my restless mind we just thought about a destination wedding...his family has timeshares all over and we could totally do a DW in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico for a fraction of what we'd pay here and actually get to go on a honeymoon too!! If we did that we know that we couldn't bring the 150 guests we plan on having if we have a wedding here so we're considering having a second wedding when we'd get back...his mom has a friend who is a planner/caterer and she was being pushy about having connections to get married in an enormous house for $400!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I don't know what to do...this is starting to get so overwhelming!! What would you ladies do? Buy the house and postpone the wedding? Or just do a DW and buy the house? Or get married with the wedding I've already started planning and roll the dice that the housing market will still be this good for buying 1-2 years from now...?
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Okay first off I'm having 7 bridesmaids...ahhhhh!! I didn't even want more then 2 but FH has a huge family and a few close friends so I had to get more BM's...Anyone else having a large bridal party?? If so what are you planning for the dresses? Do you want them all to be exactly the same? I do...One of my BM's is pushy and she said that everyone should get to pick out a dress as long as it's the same color and it looks good on them...I'm like hell no! Am I being a bridezilla? LOL I think they should only be allowed to wear their own shoes and accessories but the dresses and hair should all be the same...Her argument is 1/2 of my friends are super skinny and 1/2 of them have huge boobs so they won't all look good in the same dress...any advice? Personally I don't mind if their boobs are showing off as long as it looks good and not stripperish LOL...I'm not the jealous type as I know all eyes will be on me anyway. Also I'm thinking about most likely requiring all guests wear either black or white and I wanted my girls to wear black dresses, but I'm thinking maybe olive green so that they stand out? Here are a few dresses I like...let me know your thoughts girlies...<3 I like the 1st one and the 4th one the best
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So originally I'd thought how cool would it be to get married at Mission San Juan Capistrano...but I found out you can't, you can only take pics I just moved on and found the Ole Hanson Beach Club and fell in love with the idea of getting married under a big shady tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean...but then today I decided to do a little more research because I still love the idea of how awesome the pics would look if we got married at a I found out there's a gorgeous church behind Mission San Juan Capistrano called Basilica that does let you get married there :-) Ladies check out the pics!! I still think we'll have the reception at Ole Hanson, but I've just got to have the ceremony here! It's like breathtaking!
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mission basilica church
outside mission
Okay seriously I have not only one, but two crazy ex's that wont leave him alone!! I trust him, and I know that he's done nothing wrong, but still I'm super pissed! Why can't they get a life?? And it's not just my guy that they're contacting, it's his family and friends too! To me when you break up, you break up. You're not supposed to keep talking to your ex's friends! It's called moving on! Well check this, his ex went camping with his family last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip we were supposed to go on, but couldn't because of our newborn. And to top it off she texted him from his dad's phone!! And the cherry on top is she showed his little brother her goodies! What's wrong with her?? Like who does that?! I'm soooo pissed! What should I do? I know I won and the mature thing to do is not to care, but I can't I feel like writing her an email like back off!
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Black Ask a Question Anyone else have to deal with FH's crazy ex??
Funny how much you start to rethink exactly what you want...I knew for sure I wanted a Black & White Damask wedding, but wasn't 100% on a accent color or if I'd even have one...I was considering red and just use only red roses everywhere but my mom didn't really like the idea and her opinion really matters to me. she suggested hot pink, and I really love the idea, i see so many of you with this accent color and it looks awsome! but i don't know if hot pink is right for my style...sooo I started to think who needs an accent color anyway?? I started looking into all white flower boquets and all the ones I loved had a green accent to them so that's where the idea came from! I am now 100% on this...I just hope FH will be okay with it...He always complains about the color green :-( lol I think it's because he hates the Boston Celtics so much! BTW Go Lakers!
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B,W&G Inspiration
Table Linen
Perfect Inspiration
Damask Takeout Boxes
Cookie Buffet
Bridesmaid Boquet
Tall Centerpiece
Short Centerpiece
Hey guys! I found this super cool website that shows you all the fancy ways to display your napkins...just thought I'd share :-) I think I like The Crown style! What do you think?
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Crown fold napkin
I've seen a few other brides on here post their measurements and their weight loss goals so I'm going to join in on it too since I need to lose weight...I hope that me posting up my info for anyone to see will encourage me to work harder at getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight or even thinner :-) I know how to lose weight, the hard part for me is getting it started...I hate dieting! I love to cook everyday and when I don’t cook I love to go out! And the only exercise I get (unless I make myself go to the gym) is when I'm walking around shopping lol! I was always a size 2/4 but then when I met my FH we just had so much fun going out all the time I ended up gaining 35lbs!! So last summer I saw some pics of myself and was like this has got to end so I asked my mom what I should do and she got me the South Beach Diet books and let me tell you...IT WORKS!! I did that for 2 months and lost 30lbs! I was also going to the gym and back in a size 4...for like a month and then I got pregnant! Figures right? So then I just gave up during my pregnancy because I knew I was going to gain 25-30lbs and ended up eating pizza and ice cream like everyday and ended up gaining 50lbs!! Right before I gave birth I weighed in at 180lbs!! Our baby boy is now 2 months old and I've lost 30lbs already doing nothing so it's time for me to lose the other 15-20lb now!! So here are the measurements...

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 149.6lb
Pant Size: 8
Left Arm: 12 1/2in
Right Arm: 12 1/2in
Chest: 33in
Waist: 32in
Hips: 39in
Left Thigh: 24in
Right Thigh: 24in
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