Wedding Cake
Jul 18, 2009

My Damask Wedding Cake

So I found a website that sells a stencil set to make a damask wedding cake that was in the Martha Stewart magazine! I'm going to order the stencil and take it to a baker to tell them this is what I want exactly (but with black fondant instead of pink)...I hope that if I offer the baker to keep the stencil for a discount on the cake they'll go for it :-) I found a baker that said she'd do it for $2/person (I'm having 150 guests) so that's not too bad of a price from what I've seen so far. I'm also considering to get 1/2 of it faux to save on money, I got a really good quote on it too! Plus that's a lot of cake lol 5 tiers...
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bakerbride's Black wedding
Bakersfield, CA, USA
That is a great price! $2 a person, im soo jealous!! We really shopped around and the cheapest we found was $4 per person and the cakes looked bad!! So we went with the person who had done a damask cake before (also black and white) and it was $6 per person, we are having 125 people at our wedding!! I love the ,great find!!!
mizzsips's Black wedding
Rancho santa margarita, CA, USA
Yeah I totally agree with you about being skeptical of the lower priced bakeries...I'm very tempted to use a more expensive baker who's done a beautiful damask cake before...but they all charge $6-9/person and I'm really trying to keep everything under $6000 (not including my ring)!
wonderfulweddinglinens's  wedding
Utica, MI, USA
Where did you find this stencil. I would love to buy it.
rcpm44's Pink wedding
Irving, TX, USA
I love your idea of black fondant, but I talked to my baker about doing black and she said that you don't want to do any more black than the piping. She was saying that black fondant or icing tastes really bad because there is so much food coloring and that people's mouths turn black and you DON"T want that in your wedding pictures. Don't know if you've been told this, but would hate for you to bite into your wedding cake and have it taste terrible or worse, stain your dress! Good luck!
mizzsips's Black wedding
Rancho santa margarita, CA, USA
Hmm yeah I'll have to keep that in mind...maybe I'll just have it all faux and just for decoration then have a sheet cake served? The stencil is available for purchase at
cruzmacias's Black wedding
Mountain view, CA, USA
you can look at my post to see it in white and black. i actually had my cake barker buy the stencil since they can you use it again.. great choice honey!
hotpink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I own a cake decorating business, and $2 per serving is unheard of, that is so cheap. That cake is extremely intricate and time consuming, if she is willing to do it for $2 per serving, she's crazy (especially with black fondant) good for you haha you got an awesome deal!!!! I LOVE that cake from martha, it is one of my all time fav cakes.

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