Black Wedding Dress Something borrowed?
Black Wedding Dress Something borrowed?Black Wedding Dress Something borrowed?

Wedding Dress
Something borrowed?

So I'm thinking about wearing my mom's wedding dress...I think it's really pretty and it would be an honor to get to wear it! Plus it will save us at least a grand :-) The dress also has a crystal brooch on the side where the dress is ruched...what do you ladies think? :-)
duggytobe's Blue wedding
 |  Peterlee, Durham, United kingdom  |  07/18/2009  | 
it's a beautiful dress! I say go for it!
sarahdarling's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  07/18/2009  | 
Looks like a gorgeous dress! What a great way to honour tradition and your mom! My mom's dress from 1983 is.....pretty....frilly....um yeah, I think I'll stick with the one I got.
mizzsips's Black wedding
 |  Rancho santa margarita, CA, USA  |  07/18/2009  | 
LOL that's funny! Thanks :-)
futuredrbraun's Pink wedding
 |  Naperville, IL, USA  |  07/18/2009  | 
Go with your mom's dress!!! What an awesome tradition and GREAT way to day "I do"!!!!!!!!! :)
nevaeh's Black wedding
 |  Brick, NJ, USA  |  08/09/2009  | 
Her dress is beautiful! I'd go for it...would be super sweet (and save a ton of money & stress) Think it's a no brainer! As long as you're good with it..I say go for it!!
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