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Got 'em!

So predictable, yes I know...lol but who can resist the price?? I got mine on sale 50% off!
's  wedding
 |  Elk point, SD, USA  |  07/22/2009  | 
I LOVE THESE!! may i ask where you got them from?
mizzsips's Black wedding
 |  Rancho santa margarita, CA, USA  |  07/22/2009  | 
futuremrsrobb's Black wedding
 |  Bay city, MI, USA  |  08/03/2009  | 
I have these same ones! I couldn't resist, as they go perfectly with my B&W Damask theme. I also used the coupons, as there are 50% off ones every Sunday in the paper here. My wedding isn't for 14 months so I won't be printing them for awhile -- let me know if they turn out and if they are easy to print!
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First of all I have to give props up to Rhonda here at WBC! She is amazing and created our invit...
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