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He took me snow boarding. I'm on my third season and I'm starting to get good. The snow was powdery and sticky & we took a shallow, narrow side trails. He stopped in the middle of the trail, board stretched out across the trail.
I was afraid Of losing momentum so I quickly maneuvered around him and went on my way thinking he stopped to make sure I was be hind him. Next run he did the same thing I though to my self don't stop in the middles of the road and went around. next run same thing. Mad a yelled an obscenity and move. That was unlike me but I though he was just being overprotective. We stopped for lunch and he was quiet. I apologized for yelling at him but he still had nothing to say. Our next run I got tired and decided to sit for a bit. I leaned over to give him a kiss for waiting and when a pulled back he smiled . I asked, what? I looked down an in his hand was the box. he popped It open and I put it on. I felt so bad for yelling at him he just wanted me to stop.
aussinurse's White wedding
 |  Brisbane, La massana, Australia  |  03/22/2009  | 
that is awesome!
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I finally found my shoes and jewelry!!!!!
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