Aug 11, 2008

iT;S been one month and it still feels lie e are on our honeymoon, it's the greatest feeling ever!!
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V & M Wedding Tilak Night 035
V & M Wedding Tilak Night 024
V & M Wedding Tilak Night 042
V & M Wedding Tilak Nightgounder 092
V & M Wedding Tilak Nightgounder 160
V & M Wedding Tilak Nightgounder 201
wedding Derrik 376
wedding Derrik 381
wedding Derrik 523
Jun 25, 2008

This past weekend was both mine and my fiance's stag and stagette.... like I said in my previous post that I was very worried about my fiance having a crappy.... well it turned out very good. Thanks to my bro mi fiance's cousin from florida and other members of my family which made it all possible... He really enjoyed... I'm still trying to get things out of him!

Mine on the other hand was a BLASt.... I coudln't have asked for anything better... My MOH and Bridesmaid all did such a great Job... the them: Pussy Cat Dolls so all the girls (about 20 of us all together) dressed up SEXY the my MOH rented out a suite in the Mariott Hotel decorated it Pink and black all them ladies received a Sash when they entered my cake was amazing they had snacks Jello shoots everything you can imagine, it was done in STYLE. they also planned games with prizes for the girls to win. It was amazing.. oh did I mention i had a stripper tooo.... I don't even want to go but after all the fun at the Hotel they rented a limo and all we all went to a hot spot (club) downtown Toronto. VIP bottle service what more can a bachelorette ask for. I wish I can do it all again.
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Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
Green Stagette WOW!!!
I don't know where to start, I have so much Crap on my head.... at times I wish I was never a bride. I know I shouldn't say that I love my fiance so much but this wedding is so hectic. I have my Bachelorette and my fiance has is Stag this Saturday... MY maid of honor and all th other girls have done so much to p0repare for this day. My fiance Best man on the other hand has done shit all.. I have to push him to do things. and now my fiance is feeling like my stagette is going to be amazing while his will be so lame. We have been arguing about this and i can't stop saying to him that it is not my faul that he picked a best man that he couldn't count on. We have been arguing over this issue for the past few days and I'm afraid that it will trun worse. I don't kow what to do, I wish i had all the money in the world to throw the best Stag ever, I'm at the point where I feel like cancelling mine. Then I have people talking about me behind my back, I don't know if it's jealousy or what but the support that I have shown all of them I don't get none, all I get is fake suppot in front of my face, And I know people are trying to help but instead of helping they are finalizing things with out us,,, and this up sets me... This is my first and only marraige and I want it to be just what I've always want... even what my fiance wants... I'm like a time bomb waiting to explode, and I feel like if I' don't do it soon, the out come might just be bad. I always feel like crying because I keep my comments and opinions to myself just so that I don't disappoint anyone.I really don't want to show my fiance my frustration because it will lead to something big between us. I do know that planning this wedding has made me learn a lot about life, my future, and about people, and after our wedding is over, I'm going to start fresh keeping in contact with positive people who will always encourage me....AWWWWWWWWWWWWW
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This past weekend was my bridal shower..... it turned out really nice... I loved it.. as I mentioned before we did the polynesian theme and the games/ everything was so much fun!!
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All the models from the game Make the pefect wedding gown out of toilet paper.
One of the bridesmaid...
All my bridesmaids
My Shower cake....yummy
Waiting for my fiance to come to cut the cake
Malini's Bridal Shower 083[1]
Our Banner
Being half Rotuman (Polynesian) at he reception my mom and her sisters and nieces will be doing a blessing for My fiance and I, it's like a 10 min thing which will be very different and exciting to watch for my fiance's side. What it is: A group of women walk out in a line and hold Hand woven Mats that are made out of Banana leaves. (my Aunt brought them for me from FiJi) as they walk out traditional island music is playing, as they approach the head table they ask the bride and groom to step down to the floor... they lay all the mats on top of eachother (kind of turn into a Cusion) and ask the bride and groom to sit down, they place a Tefui (traditional Rotuman garland) around both of our necks, and take a pair of scissor and pretend to cut off a piece from both of our hair ( this symbolizes that you are leaving you single life behind and moving on as a married couple) and then put a llittle perfume on us. then they will all sit on the floor with us as a hula dance will be preformed (by my cousin) for us. It's something that my mom would really like to do for us... and i agreed to it, to show my culture to everyone.
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Cutting of the hair
Jun 16, 2008

I Have just over 3 weeks until our wedding and I fell like i have nothing done.... AWWWW it's crunch time and I can;t think of things that i have to get done... I feel like i'm forgetting everything.... Can you guys think of anything>
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So we are stuck thinking of a song to dance to with our parents for the reception. We decided that my fiance and his mom and myself and my father will dance together at the same time... Our program is so long that doing them individually will be even longer... Anyone have any suggestions for the 4 of us to dance to.
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Green Ask a Question Song to dance with parents
the bridesmaid dresses finally came in, I have to admit I was a little worried that the dresses wouldn't come in on time but they came well in advance. My fiance 3 sisters tried them on yesterday and i have to say the look DAME HOT!!! I love it. I was thinking of taking off the sleeves to make them all tube dresses like my wedding gown but when I seen the sleeves last night I think they look perfect.
I'm so excited to see all of them beside the groomsmen... I think they will all look HOT>

Sorry i took the pictures in the garage yesterday... so they are not that bright... but in person they look good.
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Last week both parents and my fiance and I went to the hall to dicuss the menu. We've decided on a Indian/canadian menu. we want everyone who comes to be a little familiar with the type of food they will eat, and by serving them something that they've never eaten, i'm afraid that everyone will complain. And I think that the food is one of the main things at a wedding. everyone looks forward to the food. so we've decided on:

Appy: Chicken Tikki, Fish Pakora, Aloo Tikki, Chaat Papri, Paneer Pakora

Main course: Chicken Curry, Karahi Goat, Vegetable Lasagna, Tawa Veggie, Patato fried, Matar Paneer, Baked/roasted chicken,

Rice: White Rice with Peas, Freshly baked tandoori naan, Roast round baby potato.

Dessert: Ras Malai,Ice cream,cakes,Fruit Tray.

Salads Garden salads, Macaroni Salad, Onions ect on the side.
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Green Food... Indian/Canadian.
Jun 9, 2008

I think the hair style was okay.... and the make up was okay too... but I will tell them to make it more neutral I think it looks too much
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Green Trial Run
Green Trial Run