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Island Paradise bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaids dresses
Island Paradise bridesmaid dressBridesmaids dresses

Island Paradise bridesmaid dresses!

I am having a very hard time deciding on BM dresses. I have picked a few that I liked, and want a multiple color option for my girls. However, since I have chose 4 colors for my wedding, I am afraid to use a monochromatic color scheme since we wouldn't have coordinating dresses. If I have them all in a different color, I am afraid it will look like a coloring book. Help! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks ladies!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  04/11/2011  | 
Not sure how many bridesmaids you'll be having but maybe they can all wear one color or have 2 girls wear one color and the other 2 wear a different color. I do like the way the girls look in the 2nd pic. (top middle orange & hot pink dresses)
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