MM Mono G final (2)
tropicalMM Mono G final (2)

Maybe someday I'll pick a color!
I have changed my colors, and the winners are...

I have decided to use ALL the colors I like. So, the colors that I decided on are
Honeysuckle, Coral Rose, Blue Curacao, and peapod!
aka, Pink, Orange, Blue and Green! Ha!

Do you think this will be too busy? Our wedding is in Mexico, so I wanted to be sure to use more tropical colors.

The second picture is our monogram. I LOVE it! Rebecca at Allurements by Rebecca designed it for me-and I love it!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  04/11/2011  | 
I love it! Your monogram is awesome!
's  wedding
 |  Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  04/11/2011  | 
I love the combo! I think you can incorporate lots of colors without making it look like rainbow vomit. :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  04/11/2011  | 
I love it too! Gorgeous color combo!!
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  France  |  04/11/2011  | 
ha! i love the mix and oh my ur monogram is gorgeous!!! you will rock it!
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