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Bird cage 1
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Bird napkin rings
Bird cage 1bird cage 2Bird napkin rings

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Love Bird Wedding

I found these bird cages, and I think I want to use them for my decor but I not sure how to decorate them. It looks like vines, but I have no talent doing my own, so any ideas of how to decorate the bird cages would be greatly appreciated!

I also found these napkin rings, I think I could make them myself. If I buy the birds from hobby lobby and glue them onto the napkin rings...seems simple enough.
makeupdiva87's Pink wedding
 |  Aurora, CO, USA  |  12/09/2010  | 
let me look into it and see what I can find girlie.
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Old beach, 06, Australia  |  12/10/2010  | 
The vines look great. If you want that look, I'd go grab some ivy. It' lasts for ages without wilting and is in long strands!
mnicole20's Pink wedding
 |  Aurora, CO, USA  |  12/10/2010  | 
Thanks girls! I'll go get some ivy today.  I  found these bird cages on save-on-crafts.com 2 for $20!  So, I think I'll order some today and pick up the ivy this afternoon.  Now what to put inside them? Lights?
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Old beach, 06, Australia  |  12/10/2010  | 
One pillar candle would do it, as long as it wasn't too close to any plant material.
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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