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Jan 18, 2009

Heres help and needs help...

OK so i have found a lot of websites that have tips for what to do and how to do it and all that but how do u no what is good and not?

i kind need help form someone whose been through this already i mean only bc my parents dont no and i dont really have like a girlbest friend to help me either and im only 17 so i need a buddy to help me hehe

here is one website that looks promising though hehe =]

pretty much i need help with everything
-pickin out dresses and tuxs
-pickin a nice place that isnt to expensive for both the ceremony and the recption
-where to get the rings
-gift reg.
-and ne ting else
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Day of the wedding
Jan 16, 2009

Finally a DATE!!

we have come to an agreement on the date at last hehe
its going to be a long engagement but starting to plan now, we will be able to save money for everything we want hehe
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red and black
Tiara or Headband
Jan 16, 2009

ummm.... ya..

I think for my hair style I want it down and parts braided but in order to wear a tiara does my hair need to be up or is it possible to wear them with my hair all down?

I found some headbands and tiaras I like so I can go either way =]
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headband 1
headband 2
headband 3
headband 4
my fav
Bridesmaids and my dress
Jan 16, 2009


Having a problem deciding!
I want my colors to be red and black.
I don't know if I want to have a red dress and my bridesmaids be white and black or if I want to have a white traditional dress and my bridesmaids be in red.

Also, if I pick a big dress should I get a dress to change into for the reception so I don't have to carry my dress around all night.

Should I just find a dress that is small yet big enough for the ceremony??!!!!

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bridesmaid dress
my dress 1
my fav dress
a red dress
my fav dress in red lol my own doing