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Heres help and needs help...
OK so i have found a lot of websites that have tips for what to do and how to do it and all that but how do u no what is good and not?

i kind need help form someone whose been through this already i mean only bc my parents dont no and i dont really have like a girlbest friend to help me either and im only 17 so i need a buddy to help me hehe

here is one website that looks promising though hehe =]

pretty much i need help with everything
-pickin out dresses and tuxs
-pickin a nice place that isnt to expensive for both the ceremony and the recption
-where to get the rings
-gift reg.
-and ne ting else
Day of the wedding
Finally a DATE!!
we have come to an agreement on the date at last hehe
its going to be a long engagement but starting to plan now, we will be able to save money for everything we want hehe
red and black
red and black
Inspiration Board
color scheme
Well here is what I would like my tables to look like =]
red, black, table
my fav
headband 1
headband 2
headband 3
headband 4
my fav
headband 1headband 2headband 3headband 4tiaramy fav
Tiara or Headband
ummm.... ya..
I think for my hair style I want it down and parts braided but in order to wear a tiara does my hair need to be up or is it possible to wear them with my hair all down?

I found some headbands and tiaras I like so I can go either way =]
bridesmaid dress
bridesmaid dress
my dress 1
my fav dress
a red dress
my fav dress in red lol my own doing
bridesmaid dressmy dress 1my fav dressa red dressmy fav dress in red lol my own doing
Bridesmaids and my dress
Having a problem deciding!
I want my colors to be red and black.
I don't know if I want to have a red dress and my bridesmaids be white and black or if I want to have a white traditional dress and my bridesmaids be in red.

Also, if I pick a big dress should I get a dress to change into for the reception so I don't have to carry my dress around all night.

Should I just find a dress that is small yet big enough for the ceremony??!!!!


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