Purple Wedding Cake MY Cake!

Wedding Cake
MY Cake!

I *think* I've finally chosen a cake design! I told my fiance that and he was skeptical, claiming I'll probably change my mind again by next week... lol! But for now I LOVE this simple design!
jvc2250's Black wedding
 |  Mexia, TX, USA  |  10/26/2009  | 
This cake is gorgeous!!! I love the detailing!
stefanie13's Red wedding
 |  Carmel, IN, USA  |  10/26/2009  | 
Very elegant and tasteful!
's  wedding
 |  Halifax, NS, Canada  |  10/26/2009  | 
love it!
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Well, we're at a stump right now. I watned a cake, but I think we are going with cupcakes! I love...
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