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I know we all dream about being Cinderella and wearing beautiful, rhinestone studded shoes, but somehow comfort won over fashion. My FH and I are only 5" apart and if I was wearing 3" heels, that would put us pretty darn close to the same height. Neither one of us likes how close we are in height when I wear heels, so I decided to get flats for my shoes. Not only will I not be taller, I also don't have to worry about my shoes killing my feet.

They're not the most fancy shoes, but they are satin and they're white, and they're flat so yippy! I might add some pearls to the bows to make the shoes fit with our theme. EEEEKKK!!!!
blandtobe's Green wedding
 |  USA  |  02/26/2009  | 
I think you made a good choice for shoes. I am not wearing the big heels either. Instead I am wearing white skechers!!!! We'll pry be the only brides who don't need to soak their feet at the end of the night!!!
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