Feb 8, 2009

We went shopping this afternoon, and I fully anticipated needing several trips to find a dress to suit both girls, accessories and shoes. Not so - we got it all done in a couple of hours!
The girls have black knee length dresses in a satin type material, the shoes shown on the right (which were only $15!!!), and a neclace that is a metal flower in the same color as the shoes. Looks super hot - both my girls look fantastic, and I think they like their outfits. Yay!
It has been a great day.
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Bridesmaid shoes from spring
's  wedding
Penn valley, CA, USA
where did you get these shoes!! i love them
spclagnt27's Pink wedding
Cranford, NJ, USA
What a great day! Also wondering where you got the shoes-my girls are wearing the same color :)
mrsbaxter2be's Pink wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Shoes are from Spring ( Canadian store - not sure if they ship to the states)
The site says they are red for some reason, but the photo is an accurate color. US brides if you guys can get them they work out to even less.......

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