Well, I have not been on here in months! Things have been so crazy. I have been an awful bride and am just finishing thank-you cards.

I added some pictures to show you, but these pictures do not do justice for the day!
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I have bought most of my candy for the candy buffet, but I am still wondering if I have enough. I have Caramel Balls, Peanuts (Chocolate Covered), Pink jelly Beans, Choc. Covereed Pretzels, Old Fashion Stick Candy, and Pink M & M's, and I need to buy Pink Lollipops and Salt Water Taffy. Should I have more?

We have cake being served too.
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I can not believe my countdown is in the TEENS! I have so much stuff to do, it has been super hectic this past month. We have moved, finished exams and Graduated :), had bridal showers, stag/stagettes, and tried to get things caught up for the wedding!

I still have a ton of stuff to do, but I will post on that later! It is completely crunch time, but I still have not been stressing too much. I am sure it will hit me hard in the next few days! I am getting married! Woohoo! I am completly happy how everything is turning out little stress, no money issues (yet), family has been terrific, everyone is happy. So far so good.

I am hoping to check in more in the next few days, we haven't had the internet at home and I don't have time to post at work, but I have so much to show and update! Coming soon....
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I have a etiquette question when it comes to all of these gifts that people send.

Family that have been sending back the RSVP's that can not make it because they are out of province and the like, are sending cheques with their responses. I am wondering when we are suppose to cash these. I am not hurting for the money, however, I was wondering if we should be waiting until the wedding is over or if we should be cashing them prior because most people like to have their bank balances up to date. Our wedding is over a month away and we are not sure what we are suppose to do. We do not want to cash them prior and have someone think we are racing to get the cash or think that we are looking for cash. What have you ladies done? Or any Opinions?
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I know that you are suppose to be all dressy for the shower, but at this point I am still hadn't found a dress that I loved enough to buy (and that was affordable).

So come crunch time, I ended going with something that is usable again.

I purchased a sweet pink ruffley-girly-girly shirt from Suzy Shier and a pair of beige capri's during their Buy one get one half sale. I ended paying $25 for shirt, and $11 for capris. I also have a 10% discount card, so I ended up saving the taxes too!

I spent more on my shoes than the entire outfit. I purchased a sweet pair of bone color wedges that I figured I could wear to work, post shower. I got them at Payless Shoe Source for $40.00, and it happens that it is BOGO for them as well, but I couldnt find another pair of shoes that I really wanted so my mom took advantage and bought herself a pair of black strappy sandals, she will use them for the wedding. So that is something else off my list.

Haha. I just re-read my post and noticed that I put, post-shower. I have this thing where I only will wear an outfit once the occasion has come. As in, I will not wear it prior. I think it stems from the fact that I wasn't allowed to wear any new school clothes until school started. I have continued the tradition even though I am a grown up and having been buying things for myself for the past 8 years :) I am odd, I know...

Just a note, I couldnt find a pic of the shirt on the website, which sucks because it is the cutest part. But I will post pics of the shower and you can see it then :)
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I had received a pay raise at my work, and it ended up being retro-active so I had a good chunk of change coming to me. Currently we only have a 19 inch tv in the living room, and we have not had the cash to purchase a new one.

That said, I decided to buy a new TV and give it to the FH as a gift. I am still planning on doing the Bourdior photoshoot too!

I bought a LG 39" LCD TV. It was $699.00 plus taxes, but it was worth every penny, I am praying that he has not figured anything out and that he will be shocked! I am really excited, one of my G/F took it to my parent's place one weekend so that is crossed off the list.

This is just as much as a gift for me, as it is for him. But oh well! I can not wait to get it all set up!
gift, tv
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I was introduced to Crystal Trees on WBC. I saw it the first time and just knew I had to have it :)

I looked online at quotes, and let me tell you, I was flabbergasted at the price. I mean seriously one of the quotes was 25% of my budget!

I am going to DIY-it, but I am always unhappy with the results, everyone says it all looks beautiful, but I think it is just "crafty" looking. lol. Oh well, I am still going to pull a crystal tree together myself.

That said, my FH and I went for a drive together out of town into the rural areas with the intention of finding a tree/branches that we could use. We ended up finding about 3 different branches that went well together and I think that will look like a full tree when it is all together.

I am unsure of how I am going to get it all to stay together, but then FH said that I could make a small square box and then put some cement in the box as a base and plant the branches in it. I loved the idea, and it should be relatively cheap. The one thing I am not quite sure of is how we are going to hold the branches up while the cement hardens. I think I will just purchase some of the really shimmery tulle and use it to cover the base/cement.

Once that is done I am going to spray paint the entire thing. I am not sure if I should go with brown or white. Our wedding is Pink and Brown. The tree is being placed as a center piece on our Candy Buffet Table. That table is going to be covered in a white table cloth and then brown material draping the front and sides. Would white look okay or should I go brown.

The "crystals" I bought were from Michaels and then are actually acrylic clear beads that I strung in counts of 50 and 70. I am going to pick up some more because I want the tree to look full.

I noticed that some brides are using the crystal tree as a wishing tree as well, and I thought that I may leave spots for the wishes to go on. I thought of having little squares cut and strung with ribbon and having them placed on the table with a pen and people could write a wish and hang it on the tree as a keepsake for us.

Would it be too much?

I want to incorporate so many ideas into our wedding that I think I may be overdoing it at times! lol.
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Crystal Tree
beads that are strung
Not so new of a trend anymore, but I still love the idea of a Candy Buffet. I have been thinking of the types of candy to have, and the FH and I have decided that we want the candy to be simple, traditional, and delicious!

That said, our colors are Pink and Brown, and the obvious choice for the Brown candy is Chocolate. We are going to have Choc. Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Caramel Balls, and then Chocolate Peanuts/Almonds. I also like stick candy. The brown color is root beer and I am all over that!

As for the pink, I think that I am going to have pink salt water taffy, pink M & M's, and Pink Jelly Beans. Lastly, my Dad made a lollipop stand and I am going to put either Pink Rock Candy suckers or the Big swirly lollipop ones in it.

I can not wait to see it! I have about $250 budgeted for candy, I hope that is enough!

The table will be rectangular with brown material draping it. I didn't want a ton of candy that will be thrown out so I decided that I am going to have a large Crystal Tree as the Centerpiece on that table. I hope that it will make it look even more delicious!

I was planning on putting ribbon around each of the jars and to have our monogram on it. I do have mini photo frames bought to put the name of each candy in it to help guests, but I am thinking I may skip the monogram and put the name of the candy and eliminate the photo frames altogether. I wanted to make a sign and lean it on a stand or against the tree that is beautiful lettered to read "Sweets". This is just what I have in my head, I will let my decorator work out the final placings!
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Chocolate Wedding Decoration Candy Buffet Table
Chocolate Wedding Decoration Candy Buffet Table
Chocolate Wedding Decoration Candy Buffet Table
Chocolate Wedding Decoration Candy Buffet Table
I have been looking through the Sear's website in hopes of finding my mother a MOB dress that is not too costly, and in the process I found a dress that absolutely fell in love with. It would be perfect for a shower/rehersal dinner or just going to a wedding.

It is $230.00 bucks, so I will have to look and not touch!

It is not too often I see a dress and can not stop thinking about it, well except for my Maggie!
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Well ladies, I am not sure what I thinking when we decided to make the date in May. I am currently half way done of my final exams. I will finish those up Apr 16. The next day I have appt's coming out the wah-zoo, trying to get everything under control for the wedding.

Next weekend is my shower. It is Sunday for a few hours. The boys are having their stag party the same weekend. I also have to start packing next weekend because we are moving to a duplex a bit out of town. We are able to move in the next weekend, and I have NOTHING packed yet.

The monday after, I start back to work full time, which I am happy about. I will be glad to br bringing home a full pay check and having a normal schedule. No classes, no school work, no projects. I will just be done for the day!

The following weekend is my stagette. This also is the weekend that we are moving. My MOH planned the stagette dates prior and I think that if I have everything packed, the men can move all of it while we are partying and then I can start unpacking after that. lol.

This brings us up to the last week of April/First of May. The first weekend in May we have engagement pics and meetings with Vendors from our home. Final details will need to be made.

The next weekend I have my hair appointments to get dyed, and then graduation! That week is also called "grad week" and there is a ton of activites everyday to take in. I think that I will have to skip all the day activities because I will be working and I am already taking time off for the wedding. Priorities!

This leaves 3 weeks till the wedding. That said, I am sure most of you ladies can imagine the chaos it will be! I have so much stuff on my lists left to do. I am praying that we get through it. I am really going to be delegating jobs and making sure that everyone is on track. Bridezilla is on the way!

Wooooh, I am exhausted just getting that all out!

Wish me luck!
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Chocolate So much going on No time for WBC! I miss it!