Dec 16, 2009

I was looking at wedding videos online and i stumbled across a video in which the couple did the lords supper this is a great way to worship god. What do u think??
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lagaylemarie's Black wedding
Solana beach, CA, USA
You know I actually like that idea, but I have to say watching these two I was not inspired, they looked sad! Lol, even the bridal party looked sad until the last moment, but yes, its a great idea, thanks for posting!
's  wedding
Edison, NJ, USA
lol it is great
classycreationsbypat's Chocolate wedding
Nederland, TX, USA
A footwashing ceremony is different research it ,it is beautiful .You remove your shoes ,dont worry bout hose if u wear them they dry fast .Get abowl and pitcher set  ,place it at the altar before the wedding along with a chair or a bench for you to sit in.Have two large towels.He just basically wash your feet with his hands as Jesus did with his disiples it represnts a sign of humility  and submission, it is so beautiful to behold who he gets down on one knee before you.Very intimate by the way we are right by each other i'm in Port Arthur TX

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