Wedding Reception
Jan 12, 2009

Carter Cave State Park

We found our location! Carter Cave State Park in Kentucky. We are going to rent a secluded outdoor shelter house. The park has grills for our bbq, playground, golf (our fave), miniture golf, fishing, swimming and exploring caves. They also have beautiful cabins and cottages which I want to stay in the night before and the night of the wedding. I am so thrilled!!!
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carter cave 2
carter cave 1
carter cave
Cupcake Topper
Jan 8, 2009

not your traditional topper

I saw these online and think their perfect. The "traditional" style is just nt my thing. I am more simple yet elegant. Friends of ours had something similar for their wedding and it was gorgeous.
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topper 1
topper 2
Without a CLUE!
Jan 7, 2009

where to begin

Ok ladies, I am still very excited to plan my wedding, though I have no clue what all I need to do.
Card boxes, aisle runners... I would heave never known about these if I hadn't seen them on your pages.
Is there a book or guide that details EVERYTHING that needs to be done when planning a wedding; otherwise I'm afraid i'll forget something major... like a preacher or the rings.
I am in a whirlwind... ladies please help!
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Jan 6, 2009

picked the girls, found the dresses

I have decided my Maid of Honor will be my sister Magan, and I will ask my two best friends Heather and Dondi to be my Bridesmaids. We are not having a ring bearer, our daughter Shelby (4) and my H2B's little sister Krista (6) will be our flower girls.
The MOH dress is a red strapless with a lot of detail, the BM dresses are also strapless all three have a wrap. Shelby and Krista's dresses are red with a white sash.
My H2B will have the typical black tux with a black vest and bowtie and the groomsman will a red vest and bowtie.
I am not about to begin to think about the Mother of the Bride outfits, their on their own for that!
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Wedding Dress
Jan 6, 2009

Love the red trim

I absolutely love this dress. I have played around with other colors and have come back to my original. I think for the sinple wedding I want, that a solid white dress would be to plain for me. I think this dress is gorgeous and I have to have it! Is anyone else having other colors on their wedding dress?
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love w dress
Wedding Invitation
Jan 4, 2009

I love these!

I saw these on another site and fell in love. I would make mine white invitations with red polka dots and black and white pictures of my H2B and I. So gorgeous and personal.
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Groom's cake
Jan 4, 2009

fatty cakes

My H2B isn't a cake kind of guy, his passion... little debbie's; which we refer to as "fatty cakes." For his cake he will have a tiered assortment of "fatty cakes." NOT PINK OF COURSE! We are both pretty simple and low key.
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grooms cake
Wedding Cake
Jan 4, 2009


I found a beautiful cupcake holder (3 tier) that holds between 38-42 cupcakes. I will have white and chocolate cupcakes... yum!
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cupcakes at wedding
large cupcakes
Wedding Photography
Dec 27, 2008

Please Help???

I am really concerned with hiring a photographer for our wedding. I defiantly want a professional, but have no idea what a good price is.
Can anyone help me out and let me know what the typical price range is for wedding day pictures, starting from right before the wedding through the reception????
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Ask a Question
Dec 23, 2008


My H2B and I like to drink and so do our familys. I would like to have alcohol at our reception, some liquor but mostly beer would be fine. We have thought about getting a keg... thinking it may be cheaper that way. I'm sure it's outlandish, but has anyone else thought about this???
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