Holiday Inn North @ the Pyramids
Holiday Inn North @ the Pyramids

Wedding Reception
Venue Confirmed!! Yea!!!

I was going through my to do list and my blogs on WBC and realized that I hadn't confirmed my Reception Site! Duh! I had done everything else including the music and the favors and the decorations but I completely forgot to confirm it. Sooo.... I contacted the Holiday Inn North @ the Pyramids and confirmed everything! Yeah! My weddind coordinator there, thought it was hilarious that I forgot to double check back with her, but that sh had already secured the date for us. She's GREAT!!! - So I can now check that off my list! :-)
I really try to be an organized person, and I normally am, I like to write everything down so that I can find it, crazy I know, but I do. But this wedding has me going in all kinds of orders and I'm really trying to stay on track so.... I made my very on Wedding Timeline. I like making stuff like that, but I made my very on and its great!!!

Good Luck Ladies with your timelines!!!!
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Yay now let's get back to fun things "Planning" LOL!!
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Our menus- for Europe Reception from Rhonda @ Partyshakers.com
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! THANK YOU RHONDA!!!!! These are the menus that we will used for our ...
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