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So my son Chevy :D is going to be part of our ceremony and i just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what he should wear the tux collar(the bow will be pink) or the tuxedo??
hotpinkandie's Black wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  06/07/2009  | 
I love the tux collar, sooo cute!!!!! I personaly dress my dog on occasion she only weighs like 4.5 lbs... but alot of people think its weird or something, so i think the collar, is super cute he will look so handosme, and will more than likely be more comfortable too!
mikeandmel's Pink wedding
 |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |  06/07/2009  | 
i love the tux collar too!  super cute
pb2myj's Green wedding
 |  San diego, CA, USA  |  06/15/2009  | 
definitely the collar!  Way cute!  Plus he's already adorable it will just add some personality!
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