Dec 19, 2010

Hey ladies!

I know, I know.. it's been a while since I actually made a real post, rather than bugging y'all for monogram/design business. My bad!

To be honest, not a lot has really been going on in my world--I'm still working part-time, and all that jazz, but other than that, I lead a pretty boring, hum-drum life. *pout*. LOL! Even work hasn't been going all too well.. business is really slow, so my shifts keep getting cancelled..

But, enough of that, right?

Things with Mr.H are still up-in-the-air, too. Although it's been almost 8-months (OMG, really? Where did time go?) since our split, nothing has changed with him--he's still keeping his emotions in.. he's still la-di-da about 'us'--if anything, he's actually become depressed. When he comes to visit DD (and, I), it's like talking to a brick wall..
He has told me that he's lonely, though. He hates getting home from work, and walking into an empty house.. he's totally letting the apartment clutter up, and become messy.. his libido is totally non-existant.. but, that's where his openness ends, I'm afraid.

Each time I try to bring up reconciliation, he clams up. He tells me he's "not a psychic.. [he] can't tell the future." I understand that, but is it really too much to ask for a little bit of hope? For him to tell me that we can still try to work this out? *sigh*.
Okay, so he hasn't completely given up on 'us' yet, but it sucks that he's not even trying to better himself (i.e. his happiness).. that's a big reason why this split happened, but if anything, he's feeling worse about himself.. about everything..

We'll be spending the holidays together, and I'm not gonna lie.. a big part of me hopes that it'll be the wake-up that he needs, seeing us all together that'll make it all snap back for him, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I know his Mum is excited, and hopeful as well.. but, his Mum doesn't make decisions for him.. unfortunately. :P

Anyway, that's about it--I'm sorry I don't have a better update to give--but, if anything would ever happen, I'd definitely pop in to let you ladies know!
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Blue { I'm alive! } Just a little update..
prncss173's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
I am praying that you get all the happiness you deserve.  It really sounds like he needs to go talk to somebody.  Hopefully the holiday happiness will remind him.  I'll be watching for the happy update about this situation!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
I'll be praying for you hon. Hopefully he'll come around and realize what he's missing.
waj2012's Blue wedding
Eatontown, NJ, USA
I read some of your previous post and I just had to comment. You seem like a extremely nice and thoughtful person and you truly deserve better. Stop putting your life on hold for him. It's going to be hard but I really hope you find the strength and courage to move on and experience love which is unconditional and true.
's  wedding
Port richey, FL, USA
Well said waj2012! I totally agree. I understand the whole needing sometime to think, but I wouldn't be waiting for him to decided when its convenient for him for you's  two to be together. I could tell your a sweet loving person! You deserve better. Live your life to the fullest. Work on you and stop waiting for him to give you the green light. You could wait around for another 8 months and then what. Are you willing to put your life on  hold waiting for him to come around when maybe Mr. Right comes along and wants to whisk you off your feet cause your waiting for Mr.H?
I hope I didn't offend you. I am talking to you as if you are one of my closest dear friend. I hope you find happiness.

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