May 14, 2011

My BFF was over visiting, yesterday, and let it slip that Mr. H contacted her through Facebook (they're not on each other's friend lists) a couple of weeks ago to get her approval/advice about something he's cooking up!

We'll be spending next Wed.-Sun. together for his youngest brother's college graduation/formal grad. ball, as well as going out for a family dinner to celebrate everything. With his recent talks about TTC in December, and possibly getting engaged/married before then, my mind is reeling!

Of course, I'm not trying to get my hopes up for anything happening this week (BFF is keeping tight-lipped about what she knows, and insists that he hasn't given her any specific details as to when/what he has planned--just the fact that he's planning a few things, lol), but the fact that he even contacted her is a hugeee thing to me!
The only other thing she slipped on was something he has planned for around my birthday (in July). Okay, so even if he doesn't propose until then, that's still not a very long wait..

AHHH! This is killing me! :P

I think some good things are coming my way, ladies! :]
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mrsqueen's White wedding
Brisbane, 04, Australia
How exciting!!!
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
OMG, that is so exciting. My FH came to my best-friend as well when he was trying to plan a surprise for me (not the proposal- he went to my mom for that lol). I can't wait to hear what he had planned for you....enjoy your time with Mr. H :-)

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