Apr 4, 2011

I posted our top 3 choices of music inspired wedding cakes so far... of course, the colors will be blue and champagne instead of black and white. My MOH thinks they should be more "whimsical". Any further suggestions or comments? My FI's only response was he didn't like 1 of them (not posted), but he otherwise had no opinion.
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sheet music design
sheet music ribbon swag
piano keyboard tops cake layers
chelsea11's Red wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
I like the first one the best and then the second one.

For the second one, I'd put a music note topper on the top just to add to the theme and get rid of the bow.
hannikay's Pink wedding
Ballarat, 07, Australia
I like the first one, then the 3rd one... quite clever! But your MOH is right in that there is room to be more whimiscal... but it would only be appropriate if the rest of your wedding was sort of whimiscal too.
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
The first one really sweet! I like how it is classic and clean, not overdone or fussy. Really nice!
savagehart's Black wedding
Rocklin, CA, USA
Love! That first one is the cake I am getting! So, I am kinda partial to that one!
mrsjackson's Blue wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Thank you so much ladies for your input. I was already leaning towards the first one, but now it's confirmed! I'm thinking of alternating the layers, some w/ music, the in-between w/ lyrics from our wedding song. And, course, we'll add some color.

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