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whats a girl to do???

Hello all!!!! Well considering this is my very first post, i'm kinda excited to see what kinda advice i can get from you all!!! At this point i'm really just trying to get a feel for what kind of invitations i want for the wedding! Now i know I still have over a year left to plan....but a girl can never be to prepared!!! Our Wedding colors are going to be pink, black and white. I'm really leaning toward the Damask with pink accents, so hopefully you all can tell me yay or nay. The pics i posted are the ones that i've found so far, nothing concrete....so what do you think?
prncss173's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  09/05/2010  | 
Hello!  Welcome to the WBC family!  I of course love the damask with a pop of color!  Pink was the original color I was going for and my fiance shot me down...so now we are doing black, white and lime green.  I love the invite look you have going on.  One thing to watch with the damask pattern is that you always do the same type...like same size...black on white or white on black.  Anywho...just if you get to many different forms of it you start to get a big mess.  Have a blast!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Killeen, TX, USA  |  09/06/2010  | 
Welcome to WBC!!!!  And you are right you can never be too prepared!! I love your colors because they are mine as well!! LOL!!
trombonechick's Pink wedding
 |  London, ON, Canada  |  09/06/2010  | 
Welcome!  I LOVE pink and damask . . .. that's what I did for my wedding.  :o)  I make invites for a living, so if you're so inclined, you can check out my website at www.unmistakablyyou.com, or e-mail me at unmistakablyyou@gmail.com for a quote.  Every invitation suite I make is unique, so you're sure to get exactly what you want!  Happy planning!
aaronsbridetobe's Blue wedding
 |  Collinsville, IL, USA  |  09/06/2010  | 
Welcome to WBC! I'm a blue bride, but I love the damask and pink combo. I think invitations similar to either of those pictured would be lovely. It sends a very elegant, yet chic, vibe.
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