But I did I saw this cake onlne and went razy so here I am just shy of 2 weeks out and I went to the bakery and changed my cake!!!

But I could not resist I mena the folds of the cake are just like the top of my dress I couldn't help it and I'm not a last minute person but I had to be on this one. But my baker was not fazed he was like it's not like the cake is made so it's no problem breathe child!!!

Yippie I love this cake is so pretty!!!

The best part he didn't go up on the price at all!!!
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M Dream Cake
I'm having a stress moment. I've been able to prepare gifts for my bridemsiad with no problem but now my delimma comes with what to do for the men!!!!

Well maybe you guys can help me my budget is shot as in I'm done no more money I'm already stressed on that issue!!!

I've gotten the girls lip gloss kits, flip flops, monogramed totes filled with milk bath and other smell goods, and rhinestone keychains.

For the guys so far i have body spray, lint brushes and lip balm. I'm also having white hankies monomgramed with their names or initals.

I'm giving both of them crystal bottle stoppers as well but for my honor party they will get something else. I both the women compacts and the guys money clips.

Am I on the right track or do I need somehting else for the men!!!????
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Now this may take a minute but tell me I'm not the only one in shock right now!!!

I've been doing weddings for now over 6 years and my wedding has proved to be the most difficult wedding for me to date!

Most of the weddings I've done, the bridesmaids have always been the problamatic ones during the time of plannning. Late, not prepared and so on..... well for me it's in reverse. My groomsmen are like Satans Spawn!!!

I mean when I say not handling their business at all I'm about to freak out here!!! My girls are all ready to go I mean shoes, hair appointments, everything I've asked them to do is done just in time!!!

I still have more than half my groomsmen who have not gotten fitted so you know I'm going into BRIDEZILLA on them right!!!

I have even considered having just the women march and NO MEN!!!!

But ok maybe I'm going into extremes but don't put it past me they have to the end of this week to get right or they are out and my poor FH he already knows I mean business!!!!

Pray for me 25 days and counting!!!
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our tuxedos
A friend of my motgers stopped by yesterday to see how everything was coming with the wedding details. I brought out the fabric and the flowers and she was trhilled to pieces then she shocked me. She said that I choose the colors of Earth, Fire & Water; she said my colors will bring complete harmony to the environment we'll be in.

Red ~ Excites the senses and sets the mood on FIRE

Turquoise ~ Calms the senses and sooths the soul like WATER

Brown ~ Rustic and bold grounded and balanced like the EARTH

That is so cool and I'm thrilled. If I didn't have so much to do I'd incorprte that somewhere. I still might put it on our menu cards
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new inspiration
red n turquoise inspiration board
I can't beleive thattwo years of planning saving, spending and stressing has come to now 30 days left till I'm married!!!!

Things are falling into place so quickly and I'm on a whirlwind of excitement.

Congratulations to all the August and September Brides our time has come!!!

I'm getting married!!!!!
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30 days
I feel like such a big girl now. I've completed my invites and they came out exactly like I wanted them. I had been eyeing photo invites every since we became engaged they just seemed so expensive and thanks to the ladies of WBC and all there talent I learned how to do them myself.

Target has the most beautiful pocketfolds in chocolate yes indeedy!!!
So with ink and the invite kits I've completed 150 invitations for about $1.25 each. I'm thrilled. I'll be adding the rhinestone embelishment tonight I just had to share this with you guys.

I'm sending them out late compared to ohers but mostly all of our family and friends live about 1 hour away and in this area if you invite someone too early they will forget so this is just about perfect they will be in the mail on Monday!!!! yeah!!!

What do you guys think
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Chocolate DIY Wedding Invitations.... I'm Done!!! & All By Myself
i've seen this style all over WBC and I'm sold. I'm going for my hair trial this weekend and I'm excited to see how it comes out. I like the fact the hair isn't all the way back with a slight bang i hope I don't sweat it out but my hairdresser is also a bridesmaid so I'm good!!!
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Wedding hairstyle
Ok ladies I'm going to go off the bridal path for a minute and share something important to me with you. I recently started a job an African American Heritage Museum and over the last few months I've learned more about my history than Ive known in all my 30+ years(lol).

Now this museum is also the location venue for my reception so it is near and dear to my heart!!

the building that the musuem is housed in was also one my elementary school. The parish sold it to the community to builda community center and it has become a four building complex with a 800 person capacity banquet hall, a 200 capacity Dinner tTheater, two small meeting spaces and a recording studio!!!!

I've been afforded the oppurtunity to be a speaker at the museum during tours and this summer has been amazing. We've had so many youth groups and church organizations come through and it has touched mysoul how eager the ouh are to learn about their history. We don't just have the cookie cutter Martin Luther King display we have exhibits right out of many African tribes and historical artifacts. We have real slave shackles that have been restored and my favorite things are the murals. there are 21 in the museum over 8 feet wide and they are beautiful to say the least.

I wanted to share this with everyone, our motto is "African American History Is Everyone's History" and it's true we as a people hwlped in manyways to form this country into what it is today and many African American have made great contributions to improve the quaility of life of all Americans.

i have a few questions for you to see if you are up on your history:

1. Who invented the light bulb?
2. Who invented the super soaker water gun?
3. Who invented the TV Remote?
4. Who invented the stop light?
5. Who invented the self-cooling refriderator?

I have more but I'm getting all excited just waiting for responses
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Me givin a tour to a youth group
TAAHM Reception Venue
A tour in progress
Well ladies here is a pic of the worlds lonest veil!!! OMG i asked forit and I got it. It's and extended cathedral length veil and it's perfect.

I'm having crystal embelishments put on it right now and I can't wait to see the finsihed product. I'm so excited
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Well here are the beginning stages of my centerpieces. * tables will have the taller centerpieces with crystals added and a little more greenery. The smaller vases will not have roses but floating candles instead. I'm going to wrap the top of the vases with a beautiful turquoise ribbon. This is the beginng so don't think I;m done. I've got soooo much more to do to these and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted
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Rose Pomader Centerpieces
Centerpiece with smaller pomanders that are for the celing
Big and small