Aug 29, 2009

Terrance's birthday, was the day he proposed. I remember coming home from work and getting on the computer. Terrance came into the living room and asked me to stand up. At this momment I thought he was just acting crazy. But he went on to thank me for giving him a wonderful and memorable birthday. He also told me how much of a good girlfriend I was and how he has appreciated everything I have done for him. And if you know me, you know that I was gloating by now. LOL! But I still had no idea of what was coming next. After he told me how much he loved me, he told me that "what would make this day more perfect, would be if you answer this next question". He got down on one knee and proposed to me. I was in total shock and I began to cry. I couldn't speak so at that time, I just shook my head yes. He got up and I hugged him for the longest time. He told me how he asked my father for my hand in marriage and I began to cry even more. I know this may be a ciché, but it meant a lot to me that he took the time to do things the right and traditional way. After I composed myself, he looked at me and said "you still haven't SAID YES". I laughed and apologized and siad yes. :) THIS WAS A BIRTHDAY I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER. And it wasn't even mine :)
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Marietta, GA, USA
Congratulations and welcome to the WBC Family!!! This is a truly addictive site!!! Good luck planning!!!!!
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Brentwood, Essex, United kingdom
I love your Proposal story!!!! So sweet! I think that asking your dad was beautiful! My partner did too. Sometimes its nice to have some tradition in such a modern world!!!

Good Luck with the wedding!!!!!
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Hi mrsfrancois, I truly started to cry when he told me he asked my  father.  I also think that some things should be kept traditional if possible. HAPPY PLANNING!!

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