May 24, 2010

I have 4 bridesmaids and 1 MOH. I gave them all the choice between three dresses 2 like one dress and the other 3 like one dress...So I think it worked out great and everyone was happy...My older sister said they should be uniform and look the same. problem is the ladies decided on the two dress for different reason...two have a bigger chest and want to wear a bra (I can understand that) and the other 3 have a smaller chest and they want a halter neck line (I can understand that). I like them both... what do you think do you like the dresses??? BTW it will be ordered in chocolate brown They are from aftersix .
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3 0f the 5 will wear this.
2 of the 5 will wear this.
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
So elegant!
dreamingofpurple's Purple wedding
Weed, CA, USA
I like the dress in pic. 2. I'm obsessed w/ shiny Satin material though. I like the idea of different dress styles. My girls probably will be in all diff. dresses. I would alternate them acc. to there style of dress.
godde8ss's Pink wedding
Gainesville, FL, USA
i let my girls chose out of dresses i liked. They had to be from my choices, all knee or tea length, same designer and of the same material, but i couldnt' expect them to all wear the same dress - one of my maids is much heavier and i didn't want to make  her feel uncomfortable. I think both your dresses are pretty and will look good together!
mrsmosley's Chocolate wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Thank you godde8ss i want them to be comfortable as well how can you be if you feel like your every move could produce a wardrobe malfunction!!!

Thank you dreamingofpurple i love satin t0o with the uplights i think it will make the girls have a glow!!
lauris705's Pink wedding
San angelo, TX, USA
I think both dresses are beautiful!! I definitely agree on letting them choose which style suits them better. As pretty as a dress may be, it doesn't always look good on every body shape. You want your ladies to be comfortable and feel confident in what they're wearing. I think that as long as they are wearing the same color it will still look uniform and great!
maripoza's Orange wedding
Burbank, CA, USA
Love the refined and sexy.
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Thank you ladies, I'm so grateful for the support.

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