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Turquoise-Teal, Black & Silver
So i decided that i want these colors for my wedding...i LOOOOVE the Turquoise-Teal colors...the picture i have is only an idea of what i'm going doesnt have to be that exact color of blue..but something works either way. I love blue.

If anyone has other pictures or has done a wedding with these colors...please let me know! :) having trouble finding pictures where the silver is incorporated. Finding the blues w/ the blacks is easy...but i want to find some pictures with all three colors.
soo excited!! :) Thanks!!!

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Nov 10, 2012
McAllen, Texas, United States
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My heart is set on a turquoise-teal & black wedding with hints of silver :) Im recently engaged to the love of my life, I've never been happier, and looking to get some ideas on how to plan this special day for us. I'm a newbie so any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated! Thanks! <3
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