Feb 1, 2012

I've been getting gifts ready for my gals. Im gonna put all their items in a cute little tote. Here's what i have so far....
-Cupcake shaped bath fizzers
-Lollipop shaped pumice stone
-Pink flip flops
-A clutch that they can decorate if they wish
-A heart shaped compact mirror
-A little makeup brush set
-A personalized glass that i painted; the little one is for the Jr Bridesmaids
I think im going to get them a little eyeshadow palette and a makeup bag and they'll be done!! One if my girls isn't girly AT ALL...lol...her bag is gonna have a few books, a Bob Marley t-shirt, and a gift card of some sort.

UPDATE: Got the girls' mini eyeshadow palettes today! Im going to get them mini bottles of wine to go with their glasses also.
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Bath fizzers
Foot pumice stone
Flip flops
Compact mirror
Handpainted glass
Makeup brushes
kimh81's Purple wedding
Glendale, AZ, USA
Mine are all getting jewelry, a lady at work is giving me free pearls with certiffications because she knows someone who is in need to get rid of them. She is so nice to give them to me for free, even though I offered to pay for them. But I might keep them for myself and get my girls something else...Does that sound wrong?
mrstauriac's Pink wedding
Lafayette, LA, USA
Lol...no it doesn't sound wrong! They may not even like pearls so they may not be able to appreciate them. Maybe you can give a set to the mothers, keep the rest, and give your girls something else like u said.
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