Pink Bridesmaids Unique dress, too homecommingish??

Unique dress, too homecommingish??

I have been struggling for months now to find the perfect bridemaids dress!!!! I want something unique, but not something I will regret in hindsight. I love this dress!! I love the colors and the energy!!!!! The colorful crinoline is such a clever way to add a little color and too spice up your wedding with out making it seem clashy or miss matched. But on the other hand it is a bit poofy, and does remind me of a homecomming dress. One option I discused with the bridesmaids was making it black, (with all the colorful crinoline). I'm still not sure though. So let me know what you all think!! I have completely mixed opinions from my bridesmaids and a lot of unsures so your imput would really help!!! Thanks!

The dress is from http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Elegant-Spaghetti-Strap-Ball-Gown-Knee-Length-V-neck-Organza-Satin-Party-Dress-1730315.html
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I think it's pretty cool!! Im all for poof & color!!
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